5 Possible Reasons Why You’re Having Trouble Sleeping

Sleep, as we all know, is a state where we just close our eyes and rest, enabling our body system to work on its own. Sleep is important for us to function well in our daily tasks. It is undeniably true that once we lack some sleep, our level of productivity suffers. However, many of us suffer from lack of sleep. Reasons vary depending on the individual. Some of us opt to do many other things rather than sleep. Some just can’t help but to do urgent requirements. Once we lay down to our bed, some might also have troubles getting their sleep.

Listed here are 5 reasons why you might have trouble sleeping:

1. You’re Too Stressed Out

With today’s busy schedule, who doesn’t experience stress? Early morning meeting, long travels, daily expenses greatly affects our stress level. Once we feel stressed, we find it difficult to relax and get that wanted sleep, and as tomorrow comes, welcome more stress. A stress hormone called Cortisol is released once we feel stressed. This hormone gives us an “answer” to a stressful situation. As promising as it sounds, sadly, it can cause serious medical conditions. In order to avoid stress, we should do things on time. This can eliminate stress since we don’t have to think about not finishing it at the right time. Another thing is to take time to just pause and take a deep breath. A 5 minute off from doing your work wouldn’t cause you so much trouble.

2. Too Much Multi-tasking

Bedrooms are designed for us to rest. It is where we relax and lay down our bed. However, all of us don’t only have a bed in our bedroom because we create a “house” within that small room. We put our television set, exercising machines, own refrigerator, and likes. This is not a good idea if you plan to have a complete good night sleep since these are distractions. Instead of sleeping, one opts to watch his favourite movie or munch in some food. In order to avoid having these distractions, just reserve your bedroom for sleeping, in this case, once you enter, you will just lay down and snooze off.

3. Your Diet

Poor diet can cause you your sleep. Cibele Crispim, from the Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, led a study that showed high fat diet meals can disrupt your sleep. Furthermore, high-fat diet is said to cause an individual too much toss and turning during their sleep and most experiences trouble with breathing. This then affects your Rapid Eye Movement stage of sleep. Once REM is disrupted, energy level for the next day will suffer. So instead of going to fast food chains for your daily meal, try cooking vegetable dishes, this doesn’t only take a few minutes of your time, it can also help you generate a good night sleep.

4. Lack of Exercise

Most of us are figure conscious that’s why we take on a diet program. What everyone doesn’t know is that diet is nothing if there’s no exercise incorporated with it. Exercising doesn’t only get you fit but also can help you sleep better. Morning exercise plus sunlight can improve our sleep-wake cycle. This increases a hormone called melatonin which can improve the said cycle. However, there’s a direct impact on sleep once you exercise during the afternoon or early evening. Body temperatures shoot up hours before you sleep and goes down as you get to bed. We should take note that exercbedsheetising before going to bed is a no-no. it takes time for our body temperature to lessen. This means that if we exercise before bed time, we’ll find it difficult to sleep.

5. Uncomfortable Bedroom

Who can work well at an uncomfortable workplace? Likewise, who can sleep well at an uncomfortable bedroom? They say that the best part of our home is our bedroom because this is where we spend most of our time. What happens if this haven of ours causes us our sleep? Puffy eyes, irritation, stress and more is the end result. The solution? Make your room as cozy as you want it to be. Dim or turn off the lights as you sleep. Find the right bed with the fit bed mattress and right position where you can sleep better. And the best of all, have a bedroom that spells and smells relaxation.


The above mentioned reasons why we might have trouble sleeping have been studied and proved positively. It is important to know what causes us our sleep and take a precaution out of it. Finding out the best sleep strategy depends on the person. First, you should determine how many hours of sleep you need in order to function well the next day. Once you have figured out this, next thing you should set is the exact time you sleep and wake up. Check and modify your lifestyle if needed. For example, if you are a fast food chain person then you better start regulating the times you eat these kinds of foods. You see, everything boils down to our personal choices. We should dictate our own lifestyle that would just not fit our work or family but also improve our sleep and health.

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