How Lucid Dreaming Let’s You Make Use of Your Dreams

Do you remember the movie ‘Inception’? May be you saw it: may be you saw it more than once in order to understand it fully. The movie was about dreams, and dreams within dreams, which means to us everyday folk it was about lucid dreaming. Many of us feel frustrated by the lack of control […]

How Insufficient Sleep Can Lead to Obesity and Diabetes

Perhaps you think of sleep as being a luxury – something that was generously at your disposal when you were still a child but something that’s now meager in your adult life. There’s a big chance that IF you’re a hard-working employee or a diligent college student, the hours of sleep that you get per […]

Two Powerful Words for a Completely Relaxing Bed

If you had to pick two words to describe the most relaxing bed that you can imagine, what would you choose? Read on to see what the two best words to describe the ideal bed are – and if you’re right! Everyone looks forward to cuddling down into the soft fluffiness of the bed at […]

Simple Tips for How to Get Kids to Sleep

There is no gainsaying sleep is too important to shortchange. Sleep governs learning and memory; metabolism and weight; social safety; mood; cardiovascular health and the immune system. All these are of great significance to the growing kid and cannot therefore be compromised. So, how do we help our kids calm down from a hectic day […]

5 Possible Reasons Why You’re Having Trouble Sleeping

Sleep, as we all know, is a state where we just close our eyes and rest, enabling our body system to work on its own. Sleep is important for us to function well in our daily tasks. It is undeniably true that once we lack some sleep, our level of productivity suffers. However, many of […]

How Good Sleep Hygiene Can Improve Your Skin

When people think about skin care, they immediately look for the most expensive products with fancy brand names. While these products definitely have their place, it’s not the only factor that contributes to beautiful skin. It doesn’t matter if you have a collection of the best creams around if you’re not taking care of yourself. […]

5 Quick Tips on How to Improve Sleep Quality

Ever wonder why some people wake up feeling like a million dollars and some people wake up feeling like they never slept at all? It’s all about sleep quality. When we refer to sleep quality, we refer to how much our body and brain has benefited from our night’s sleep. Before the last half century, […]

How to Get Rid of Dark Under Eye Circles

Dark circles under the eyes can make people look older than they actually are and there are many options available to help banish dark circles. From low cost cosmetics to high-end creams and dermatological options, they all claim to camouflage or even banish dark circles. However, before resorting to cosmetic solutions, individuals should look at […]

What Happens When You Are Asleep?

Adrian Attard Trevisan is a doctoral researcher for the Institute for Health Research at University of Bedfordshire and Head of Research & Technology  at Sense of Nature Ltd. His background as a Medical Neurophysiologist has resulted in the creation of a system called “Brain Music System”, with over 22 peer reviewed published articles and an […]

5 Ways Students Can Improve Their Sleeping Habits

It’s no secret that success in school is directly tied to the amount of sleep a student is able to get on a given night. No matter whether you are receiving a traditional education or you attend an online high school, students that don’t get enough sleep have a harder time paying attention during class […]