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Excessive Sweating While Sleeping: What’s Going On?

If you’ve ever woken up drenched in sweat to the point where a change of pajamas is required, you’ve probably experienced an episode of night sweating. If this happens to you often, you may be quite frustrated, as waking up covered in sweat is not only unpleasant, it’s quite an interruption to otherwise peaceful sleep. […]

What is Narcolepsy? An Overview of the Sleepiest Sleep Disorder

Maybe you’ve seen one of those cute YouTube videos featuring narcoleptic dogs falling asleep mid-fetch. The reality is that narcolepsy is far from cute, and can even be quite dangerous. About 1 in every 2,000 Americans is diagnosed with narcolepsy, but studies suggest that many people go undiagnosed because the symptoms can be confused with […]

Are Night Terrors in Adults Normal?

If you’ve ever had a night terror, whether as a child or an adult, you know that night terrors are quite different from your run-of-the-mill nightmare. In fact, people rarely remember any sort of “dream” accompanying a night terror. What is a Night Terror? A night terror can be defined as an intense episode of […]

Why You Should Start Keeping a Sleep Journal

If you’re not a regular journal keeper, the idea of recording your sleeping habits might seem a bit strange. But sleep journals can be quite beneficial in determining the cause of your sleep troubles, helping you fall asleep, and in keeping track of the changes that make a difference in your sleep quality. The type […]

The Narcolepsy Diet: What You Eat Can Change Your Life

Did you know that excessive daytime sleepiness can actually be a disease? If it doesn’t sound serious to you, consider what it would be like to have a “sleep attack” while driving to work or giving a presentation—even after a good nights sleep. Narcolepsy is not only inconvenient and disruptive, it’s also quite dangerous. A […]

How to Deal with Excessive Drooling While Sleeping

If you’ve ever woken up with your face in a puddle of drool or your pillow soaked with saliva, you know what kind of embarrassing excessive saliva I’m talking about. The good news is, you’re not alone—millions of Americans complain about excessive drooling during sleep. The even better news? You may be able to control […]

Scary Sleep Paralysis Stories: Awake in a Nightmare

Surprisingly, not many people seem to know much about sleep paralysis—the sleep disorder characterized by a conscious experience of immobility while sleeping, often accompanied by terrifying visions of menacing entities. I hadn’t heard of the phenomenon myself until last summer, when I chanced into living with a roommate, who had recurring episodes of sleep paralysis. […]

Is Sleep Paralysis Dangerous?

If you’ve ever experienced sleep paralysis or even heard a story about someone who has, it might be easy to believe that sleep paralysis is a dangerous occurrence. For those who experience it, it can undoubtedly be a terrifying and undesirable state. On the other hand, some of those who understand sleep paralysis sometimes try […]

How to Take Care of Your Sleep Apnea Machine

Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) devices are the most common and effective form of treatment for those suffering from mild to severe sleep apnea. The machine itself is about the size of a tissue box, and a flexible tube connects with a mask (or other interface device) that is worn over the nose and/or mouth. If […]

Ideopathic Hypersomnia: What You Should Know Before Diagnosis

Do you sleep all the time, but never feel rested? Can’t help but take naps during the day? Although idiopathic hypersomnia is a relatively rare disorder, affecting roughly 200,000 Americans, it’s possible that you or someone you care about could be experiencing this disorder. Idiopathic hypersomnia has a huge impact on the lives of those […]