5 Popular Snoring Products and How they Work

As many as half of all adults snore at least occasionally. If you’re one of this fifty percent, you know that snoring can be quite a nuisance for you and your partner. It disrupts your sleep, which means you probably don’t have the chance to get through all four stages of the sleep cycle, a […]

Sleep Deprivation and Depression. What’s the Link?

For decades, medical experts and scientists have been trying to discern the link between sleep and psychological disorders. However, if you’re suffering from either insomnia or depression, you likely already know that sleep deprivation and depression go hand in hand. It won’t surprise you to know that one of the leading signs of depression is […]

What You Should Know About the CPAP Sleep Apnea Machine

Sleep apnea doesn’t just effect your quality of sleep and cause you to snore a bit more than usual; it can also be quite dangerous to your health if left untreated. For moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea—the most common type—CPAP machines (or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure devices) are usually considered the most effective treatment. […]

What Causes Sleep Walking?

Chances are you know the symptoms of sleep walking. Even those of us who’ve never experienced this unique sleep disorder have heard stories about friends or family members getting up in the middle of the night and opening their refrigerators or walking out their front door—without ever waking up! However, those dealing with sleep walking […]

Learn How to Stop Snoring at Night

Snoring that leads to poor sleep quality effects 45% of adults, at least occasionally. If you’re one of the 45% who is constantly waking up (or waking your spouse up!) with loud snores, you’re probably wondering how to stop snoring at night. Because there are many causes of snoring, there is no one method for […]

What is Sleep Apnea?

Do you snore at night? Do you wake up suddenly with a shortness of breath or a dry mouth? You may suffer from sleep apnea syndrome. Don’t know what that is? Well, below you will find a comprehensive overview to answer all of your questions. What is sleep apnea syndrome? Sleep apnea syndrome is a […]