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Founding Editor

Matthew ProctorTwitter | LinkedIn

Matthew Proctor is the founding editor at Sleeping Resources. He’s an ex-copywriter, self-taught web designer, SEO strategist, and devoted Bruins fan. He lives in Boston and prefers falling asleep on the couch to preparing for bed.







Writing Team

Leigh Ann MorganPortfolio

Leigh Ann Morgan has been a freelance writer for seven years. She uses her varied work experience — from conducting data analysis in medical research studies to managing a $34 million real estate portfolio — to write expert-level articles for clients all over the world. Ever since she completely got rid of her constant neck pain by finding the perfect pillow, Morgan has been interested in learning more about sleep quality and sleep disorders.


Mariele Ventrice

Mariele Ventrice is a freelance writer and a senior at Emerson College. She writes in several genres, but prefers to express herself through poetry. She is a life-long New Englander and currently resides in Boston. As a recovering insomniac, Mariele is interested in finding out ways to improve her quality of sleep and to share her discoveries with others.

Holli RonquilloHolli Ronquillo – Twitter | Portfolio

Holli Jo Ronquillo is a freelance writer, blogger, and editor who has been writing professionally for several years. Her work has appeared in The Alan Review, 6 of 7, and countless places around the web. Though she writes on a variety of topics, she has a passion for health and wellness, pregnancy, parenting, personal productivity, working from home, and green living. She lives in Chicago with her husband and son. When not freelancing or mothering, she enjoys making handmade soap, devours any book in her path, and spends plenty of time sleeping.


Linsdey Hockman

Since 1995 Lindsey Hockman has been writing professionally for an advertising agency, and as a freelance copywriter, while volunteer-writing for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Her work has appeared on various websites, publications and blogs. After over 15 years of writing, Lindsey has undertaken the task of writing her first novel, which will be completed in early 2012.


Troy CapersTwitter

Troy CapersTroy Capers is a recent graduate of Paxon School for Advanced Studies’ International Baccalaureate program and is currently studying English at the University of North Florida. He has a love for communication through the arts and enjoys writing poetry, acting and performing with the UNF Percussion Ensemble. A rigorous academic background taught Troy the importance of balancing busy days with healthy and restorative resting routines.






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