Sleep Deprivation in Children and What You Can Do to Help

We all know that sleep is important, both for our physical health as well as for our mental and emotional well-being. And most adults wish they could have more sleep than they’re getting. But kids can have the opposite problem – they often don’t recognize when they are tired, and they end up begging parents […]

How to Diagnose Sleep Apnea in Children

Just about any parent will affirm that almost every child has sleeping issues at one time or another. Whether it’s waking multiple times in the night, sleeping with parents, or wetting the bed, most of us parents have to deal with a lack of sleep because of our children at least some of the time. […]

Sleep Apnea in Children: What You Need to Know

Many people have heard of the sleep disordered breathing condition called sleep apnea. We know to be aware that heavy snoring or fatigue after a full night’s sleep could be sleep apnea in an adult. But were you aware that children can also have a similar condition? Sleep apnea in children is very similar to […]

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