What You’re Risking When You Pull All-Nighters Before Exams

“Pulling an all-nighter” is a common occurrence for college students, especially those who struggle to balance study time with class time, socializing and extracurricular activities. Many students believe that staying up all night to study for a test or work on a paper will have good results. Unfortunately, scientific research shows that all-nighters do not […]

Sleep Deprivation Can Turn You Into a Zombie

Sleep deprivation can effect more than just your own life, it can effect the lives of everyone around you too! The good folks at Online Schools put together a beautiful infographic that illustrates the symptoms of sleep deprivation and discusses some of the things you can do to cure it. After you read this cool […]

Could the Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation Be Hazardous to Your Health?

Sleep deprivation refers to not getting the right amount of sleep. Someone can have acute sleep deprivation, which lasts only a short time, or chronic sleep deprivation, which lasts for a long period of time. Learning about the signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation can help you determine if you need help for this sleep […]