8 Facts You Should Know About Contour CPAP Pillows

Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition that causes brief interruptions in breathing while a person sleeps. Although these pauses last only for a short period of time, they are very dangerous. Sleep apnea increases the risk for stroke, heart attack, and high blood pressure. It also causes headaches, daytime sleepiness, and other symptoms. One of the most common treatments for sleep apnea is continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). However, there are also some lifestyle changes that can ease sleep apnea symptoms and reduce the number of breathing interruptions that occur during the night. Your doctor might recommend the use of a contour CPAP pillow to improve your symptoms.

#1: The CPAP contour pillow prevents airway obstruction.

One of the reasons this type of pillow helps with sleep apnea is because it elevates the head and prevents airway obstruction. When you lie down, some of the tissues in the throat may partially block the airway. This is especially true of people who sleep on their backs. When these tissues block the airway, they increase the risk for episodes of interrupted breathing. Using a CPAP pillow contour model elevates the head so that these tissues do not block the airway. The result is a better night’s sleep and fewer sleep apnea episodes.

#2: This type of pillow may help improve compliance with sleep apnea treatments.

Some people with sleep apnea do not follow through on their recommended treatments, resulting in low-quality sleep and more frequent pauses in breathing. Using a contour CPAP compliance pillow can make it easier to follow other treatment orders from your physician. If you use a CPAP machine, this type of pillow can make sleeping with a face mask more comfortable. Elevating your head during sleep may even make it possible to reduce the pressure coming from your CPAP machine. These small changes can help improve sleep apnea management and reduce the serious risks posed by this disorder.

#3: Contour CPAP pillows come in a variety of styles and materials.

Sometimes it seems like finding a comfortable pillow is an impossible task. Cheap materials make it difficult to find a pillow that lasts for several years. Some pillows hold heat, which makes it difficult to get comfortable on hot nights. Some people even experience allergic reactions when they come into contact with certain pillow fillings. Pillows made for use with CPAP masks come in several different varieties. Many are made from memory foam, which molds to the body as it heats up. These pillows spring back into their original shape after use, increasing their lifespan and keeping them comfortable night after night. Some contour pillows come with covers made of velour and other soft materials. These covers protect the pillows from dirt and dust, which may reduce allergy symptoms in some users.

#4: Several different pillow heights make it easy to find a comfortable fit.

The Contour Living CPAP pillow and other similar models come in several different heights, making it easy to find a pillow that suits your specific body type. The low-profile pillow has a height of 3.5 inches, which is ideal for people who weigh less than 125 pounds. The standard CPAP pillow is for people who weigh 126 to 200 pounds. This pillow has a height of 4 inches. For people who weigh more than 200 pounds, there is a high-profile pillow with a height of 5 inches.

#5: The shape of the contour pillow works with most CPAP makes.

The top CPAP contour pillow manufacturers produce pillows that have pressure-free mask zones for CPAP face masks and tubing. This improves comfort immensely, as you do not have to worry about pressing your mask and tubing into a traditional pillow. This may also improve the effectiveness of the CPAP treatment, as this unique shape reduces pressure. Reduced pressure may prevent kinks in the tubing or leaks around the face mask.

#6: Contour CPAP pillows provide five types of support.

Many sleep apnea patients report discomfort when they use their CPAP machines. The Contour CPAPmax pillow and other Contour Living models support the user in five different ways. Side sleepers will enjoy the neck and back support, as the pillow reduces pressure on the joints and muscles. The pillow has a special curve that supports the shoulders and neck. The head support area cushions the entire head and may reduce pain caused by too much pressure. The pillow even has special support areas for the ears and inclined forehead support, which prevents the face from rotating downward. The forehead support feature prevents the user from putting too much pressure on the CPAP mask, which can prevent complications.

#7: This type of pillow improves four different aspects of sleep for sleep apnea sufferers.

Using a Contour Products CPAP pillow and other similar CPAP pillow models has five different benefits for sleep apnea sufferers. Since these pillows work with most CPAP masks, they make it easier to use CPAP equipment. These pillows also improve comfort for CPAP users, as they cushion the head and prevent pressure from damaging the mask. People who use these pillows often report less back and neck pain because of the extra support. The pillows support proper neck and spine alignment, reducing pressure and preventing discomfort. CPAP pillows also improve airway alignment.

#8: CPAP pillows prevent three major problems with CPAP machines.

In addition to increased sleeping comfort, these pillows also prevent three of the most common problems associated with CPAP machine use. First, they prevent mask leaks. Leaks reduce the effectiveness of CPAP treatment, so preventing them is extremely important. Second, CPAP pillows eliminate pressure on the face and CPAP mask. Reduced pressure leads to increased comfort and better treatment outcomes. Finally, this type of pillow prevents mask discomfort, which is one of the major reasons people stop using their CPAP machines as directed.

If you have been struggling to get your sleep apnea under control, it may be time to ask your doctor if this type of pillow is right for you. If you decide to use one, read a contour CPAP pillow review before making a purchase. These reviews will help you compare each pillow and decide which one is best for your needs.

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