Why You Need a Contour Travel Pillow on Your Next Trip

If you regularly spend several hours in a car or sitting in an airplane seat, you know that frequent travel can wreak havoc on your neck, back, and legs. Sitting in uncomfortable seats increases pressure on the joints and makes it likely that you will experience muscle aches, joint aches, and general discomfort. Staying in a seated position too long also increases the risk of blood clots in the legs, which puts you at risk for serious complications. Using a contour travel pillow is one of the steps you can take to improving your comfort and reducing the risk of pain and stiffness.

Types of Travel Pillows: So Many to Choose From!

There are several types of pillows available specifically for travel use. Some companies make contour pillows for the neck, which are called cervical pillows. If you have ever fallen asleep in the car, you know that a complete lack of neck support makes for a lot of pain and discomfort when you wake up. Cervical pillows wrap around the shoulders and support the neck, so they are ideal for drivers, car passengers, and airplane passengers. Using this type of pillow allows you to relax your muscles and find a comfortable resting position for your trip.

Lumbar wedge pillows are made to support the lower back. The spine has five lumbar vertebrae, which are the vertebrae above your waist. Since your lower back supports much of your body, these vertebrae put up with a lot of pressure. Buying a contour pillow travel model made for the lumbar region is a good way to relieve this pressure while you are traveling. Lumbar pillows help keep the spine in proper alignment and relieve pressure on the lower back, improving your comfort.

If you travel by airplane frequently, you may want to invest in a contour leg pillow. A memory foam contour travel pillow made for the legs improves alignment and prevents your leg position from putting additional strain on the lower back. These pillows go between the knees, so they keep the legs in a parallel position. If you regularly experience discomfort due to too much pressure on your legs, you may find these pillows beneficial when you travel.

How to Pick a Travel Contour Pillow

Picking the right travel pillow involves careful research and comparison of several models. Not all contour travel pillows are created equal, so do not make the mistake of buying the first one you see. An easy way to compare models is to visit a retail website and view the features of each travel pillow. If the site allows people to review products, read the reviews to find out if a particular model lives up to its description. Reviewers may point out disadvantages that you never even considered, so this is an effective way to narrow down your list of options.

Once you have a small list of possible travel pillows, visit your favorite retailer to look at each model in person. Travel pillows are available at hundreds of websites, but touching the material and feeling the heaviness of each pillow are essential for making a good decision. If you have allergies, look for travel pillows labeled “hypoallergenic,” as they will not aggravate your allergy symptoms. The care requirements for your travel contour pillow should also be a concern. If a pillow is not washable, it will be difficult to keep it clean and free of dust mites, bacteria, and dirt. Look for travel pillows that come with washable covers, as these covers protect the pillow from contamination. Once you find the perfect travel pillow, care for it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and it will provide years of comfort and support.

Need a Travel Pillow Suggestion?

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Find the Latest Deals on the Remedy Memory Foam Travel Pillow

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  1. I ALWAYS have a neck pillow when I’m traveling either on a plane or in the car. I always fall asleep so it’s great to have comfortable support and NOT wake up with neck pain.