What You Need to Know Before Buying a Homedics Contour Pillow

Contour pillows are ideal for relieving pain caused by improper alignment during sleep. They are also good for reducing pressure on the joints, which can alleviate the pain and stiffness many people experience when they wake up in the morning. Because there are so many contour pillows available on the market, picking the right one to ease your pain may seem difficult. Homedics makes a line of memory foam pillows designed to conform to the curves of the body and reduce discomfort. These pillows have several advantages when compared to contour pillows made by other manufacturers.

Homedics Pillow Features

Homedics makes four different support pillows made from memory foam: the Ortho+Therapy memory foam universal support pillow, the Ortho+Therapy foam lumbar support pillow, the Ortho+Therapy memory foam contour pillow, and the Smart-Foam contour pillow. The universal support pillow is made from thermo-sensitive memory foam, which means it is activated by the heat of the body. Once activated, the memory foam molds to the body and provides soothing support. This pillow measures 18 by 8 by 4 inches, so it is ideal for use with standard pillowcases.

The lumbar support pillow is also made with memory foam, so it conforms to the natural contours of the body. The pillow measures 13 by 12.5 by 4 inches, so it is ideal for use at home, in the car, or in the office. This particular model helps users keep their bodies in ergonomically correct positions when sleeping, sitting on the couch, or working in an office chair. The velour cover is washable, making it easy to care for the lumbar support pillow.

The shape of the contour pillow supports the head and neck during sleep. The memory foam conforms to the shape of the head, reducing pressure and improving comfort. This model also comes with a washable velour cover. It measures 20 by 12 by 4 inches and will last for years with proper care. The Homedics Smart-Foam contour pillow uses high-tech memory foam to improve comfort during sleep. This foam is ventilated, so it reduces overheating. The 4-lb. memory foam provides superior support and reduces pressure on the head and neck. This pillow measures 20 by 15 by 4.3 inches.

Pain Relief

Each Homedics model relieves different types of pain. The universal support pillow is ideal for people who suffer back and neck pain due to their sleep positions. The lumbar support pillow is made especially for relieving lower back pain and providing support to the lumbar region of the spine. The traditional contour pillow is ideal for relieving neck pain caused by a lack of neck support or too much pressure on the neck. The Homedics Smart-Foam contour pillow is also ideal for relieving neck pain.

Benefits and Drawbacks

One of the major benefits of buying a Homedics contour pillow is the fact that you are buying from a trusted company. Homedics is known for its health products, so you have the peace of mind of knowing you can get in touch with a company representative if you need assistance. The high-quality material used in the Smart-Foam contour pillow is not used by other manufacturers, so this pillow does a better job of reducing overheating. Many other manufacturers do not produce lumbar support pillows, so Homedics is a good choice if you regularly experience lower back pain during sleep or when you wake up.

Some users report some disadvantages of using the Homedics pillows. The Smart-Foam pillow is very thick, so it may be difficult to find a comfortable sleep position if you are used to a thinner pillow. Some users report that the Smart-Foam model flattens out too much while they sleep. Buying a low-profile memory foam block can increase the height of the pillow and make it easier to get comfortable. Like other products made from memory foam, these pillows may have a strong odor when you remove them from the packaging. If possible, let them air out for two or three days before you use them.

Want to Give a Homedics Pillow a Try?

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