How Sleep Deprivation Affects College Students

I never got much sleep in college. My freshman year I made the mistake of signing up for an entire course load of early morning classes and must have slept through a good 60% of them. I used to keep ridiculous hours. If I wasn’t playing World of WarCraft running instances past 3am with my dorm-mate I was out grabbing a late night snack at the all night college diner with my girlfriend. Even after I learned my lesson and scheduled classes in the mid-to-late day I wound up staying out partying with my buddies all night long and wouldn’t get up until 2pm. The college lifestyle is a crazy one, I tell you what.

Though I don’t regret those late nights having fun with my friends, I can’t say that my body was too happy with me. Keeping insane hours like that (and eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted) helped me pack on an extra 20 pounds by Freshman and Sophomore year. My best friend had it even worse and ballooned from track runner thin to almost 300 pounds almost over night. Sleep deprivation, poor diet, little exercise, and a stressful class schedule can create the perfect storm of subpar academic performance and expanding waistlines.

College life is popular because it’s fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for you. There are many unseen dangers to living that way. You can learn more about how sleep deprivation effects college students by checking out the following infographic.

Student sleep : Sleep deprivation among college students

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