How to Get Rid of Dark Under Eye Circles

Dark circles under the eyes can make people look older than they actually are and there are many options available to help banish dark circles. From low cost cosmetics to high-end creams and dermatological options, they all claim to camouflage or even banish dark circles. However, before resorting to cosmetic solutions, individuals should look at how they can improve their sleep. A good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed may just be what those dark circles need.

What Causes Under Eye Circles?

There can be vascular reasons for dark circles. Known as vascular pooling, this is when blood vessels or capillaries under the lower eyelid become congested. Congestion can occur for a number of reasons, including allergies or other nasal problems. Because the blood flow becomes restricted, there is not enough oxygen getting to the tissues around the eyes, causing a bluish cast.

Using extra pillows or raising the head of electric beds can help to prevent vascular pooling. A quick cold compress used on the eyes the following morning may further help to reduce the dark circles.

There may be other medical reasons, such as anaemia, that can cause dark circles. If dark circles get worse or do not improve with lifestyle changes, it may be worth a visit to the doctor. It is also worth looking at other women in the family to see if they have dark circles and if so, they may be hereditary.

Woman with Dark Under Eye Circles

Dark Under Eye Circles Can Make You Look Exhausted

Aging and Dark Under Eye Circles

Although children can sometimes have dark circles under their eyes, it is in adults that dark circles are common. As people grow older, the skin becomes thinner and collagen and fat is lost from the skin. This can enhance the appearance of the many blood vessels under the eyes, making the whole eye area look darker.

How to Get Rid of Under Eye Circles with More Sleep

As well as a lack of sleep or poor sleep being one of the main reasons for dark circles appearing under the eyes, the lack of sleep also causes people to look pale or ‘washed out’. When people have a pale face, it causes the dark circles to look even more pronounced.

Many people will suffer with a lack of sleep or poor sleep at some point during their lives. For those that do, it is important to have a regular routine at bedtime. This should include a set bedtime and opportunity for relaxation. The bedroom should be comfortable and not used as an office or lounge.

A stressful or tiring lifestyle can also contribute to dark circles. Sleep is also very important when managing stress as without good sleep, many people struggle to cope with stress. Poor diet, alcohol consumption and smoking can also contribute to poor sleep and dark circles. A balanced healthy diet is important as well as drinking plenty of water to ensure that the skin and body remain hydrated.

By making lifestyle modifications, many people will find that they are able to minimise, if not banish, some of those under-eye dark circles. This will not only ensure that they look good, but a healthy lifestyle and good sleep will also ensure that they feel great.

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