5 Quick Tips on How to Improve Sleep Quality

Ever wonder why some people wake up feeling like a million dollars and some people wake up feeling like they never slept at all? It’s all about sleep quality. When we refer to sleep quality, we refer to how much our body and brain has benefited from our night’s sleep. Before the last half century, sleep has always been a mystery. No one ever had the technology or took the time to study how to improve it. Fortunately for our generation, we can all have a better chance of waking up feeling great, all thanks to proven methods to improve quality of sleep.

Sleep quality is directly affected by how often we wake up during our sleep. Believe it or not, we wake up more than 3 to 5 times during our normal night’s sleep without knowing it. Every time we do that, our sleep stages reset back to the lightest phase of sleep. Since the best stage of sleep for bodily regeneration is the deepest stage of sleep, waking up for sort periods of time lessens the quality of sleep.

The reason we wake up more often varies from person to person. Sleep apnea, depression, anxiety, and other sleeping disorders are just a few of the main reasons why we wake up for short periods of time during the night.

To lessen sleep interruptions, here are five ways to improve the quality of our sleep.

Buy the Right Pillow

Believe it or  not, every sleeping position has a recommended pillow. Since the majority of people sleep on their side, here is a comprehensive guide on choosing the best side sleeper pillows. Not only does a good pillow keep you comfortable and less prone to waking up, it also helps support your neck to prevent stiff neck in the morning.

Keep Your Temperature Constant

Your blanket along with any ambient temperature controlling device needs to keep your body temperature at a normal level. When we sleep our body temperature drops a degree or two. Some sensitive people wake up when it is too hot or too cold for them. During the summer try to keep cool with air conditioners that have sleep mode functions or at least have a timer. And during the winter, you can always opt for a nice comforter.

Keep the Lighting Low

Some people are sensitive to light. When lighting cannot be controlled within the room, you can consider buying a sleeping mask to keep yourself from waking up because of the light.

Take Time to Exercise During the Day

Studies have shown that regular exercise during the day can help our quality of sleep during the night. If our bodies has been to the workplace or school the entire day, chances are our minds are stressed out. Exercise not only helps our body’s cope with stress by releasing endorphin in the brain, it also helps our bodies to be less prone to frequent wake ups during sleep.

Eat Foods that Make You Sleepy and Happy

Food that are rich in carbohydrates, protein, and tryptophan are some of the best natural sleeping aids. Not only do these food help you get to sleep faster, they some of them even help you get a better sense of well-being because of the serotonin that is produced when you consume them.

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