Memory Foam Contour Pillows: Better than the Average Pillow?

If you have seen a commercial for memory foam pillows and are wondering what they are, you’ve come to the right place. These pillows are made from a special type of foam that has several beneficial properties. Purchasing a memory foam contour pillow may be the solution to discomfort during sleep and pain when you wake up in the morning. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about these pillows: why memory foam is a good material, the types of pillows available, the benefits of using memory foam pillows, and tips for selecting your first contour pillow.

Memory Foam Properties

Memory foam was originally developed by NASA, so it is very durable. Pillows made from memory foam are usually heavier than traditional pillows, as this material is very dense. Standard memory foam has a density of one pound per cubic foot to five pounds per cubic foot, with the higher density indicative of a higher-quality material. This type of foam is made up of open cells that react to your body heat and mold to the body. Because it molds to the body instead of forcing the body to mold to a pillow, a contour memory foam pillow is ideal for relieving pressure, reducing the risk of bed sores, and relieving discomfort. Some manufacturers make breathable memory foam, which increases air flow and prevents the overheating associated with traditional pillows.

Types of Contour Pillows

There are different contour pillows available for different parts of the body. Cervical pillows are made specifically for the neck. These pillows cushion the cervical vertebrae and relieve pressure. This can help prevent soreness and stiffness in the neck when you wake up in the morning. Cervical pillows are also ideal for use when traveling or sitting in the same position for long periods of time. Lumbar pillows support the lower back, relieving the discomfort and stiffness many people feel when they wake up in the morning. These pillows typically have a wedge shape to support the lower back without elevating the body too much.

If you experience frequent leg pain, a contour memory foam leg pillow may be your best option. These pillows come in three varieties: leg rolls, leg wedges, and concave leg pillows. Each type of pillow relieves pressure and helps keep the body in proper alignment during sleep. Those who suffer from tailbone bone may benefit from buying a memory foam pillow contour model made specifically support the coccyx. These pillows are very dense, so they help the pelvis tilt forward. This relieves pressure on the coccyx and prevents pain in the lower back. Some manufacturers even make memory foam pillows for pregnant women. Since the body goes through so many changes during pregnancy, some women find it difficult to get into a comfortable sleeping position. Pregnancy pillows improve comfort and make it easier to get a good night of sleep.

Benefits of Contour Pillows

Using a contour pillow memory foam model has several benefits from people who suffer from pain, stiffness, and discomfort. The most basic benefit is that memory foam cushions the joints and relieves pressure. Since too much pressure is one of the major causes of pain, this eases discomfort and may even prevent pain completely. Memory foam pillow contour models also help keep your body in proper alignment during sleep. Leg pillows, for example, keep the legs parallel so there is not as much strain on the lower back. If your body is not kept in proper alignment, you may wake up feeling stiff and sore. Some contour pillows are also helpful for relieving the symptoms of sleep apnea and reducing snoring. They elevate the head so that tissues in the throat do not block the airway.

Popular Brands

Several reputable manufacturers produce contour pillows made from memory foam. They include Sleep Innovations, Home Innovations, and Home Classics. The Sleep Innovations contour memory foam pillow is made for people who sleep on their backs and sides. The memory foam adjusts to the weight of your head and your body heat to provide a customized fit. This pillow has a medium density and an antimicrobial finish to inhibit bacterial growth. The Sleep Innovations memory foam contour pillow comes with a washable cover.

Home Innovations makes a hypoallergenic memory foam pillow that comes with a washable cover. The Home Innovations memory foam contour pillow measures 18.5 by 11.5 by 3.5 inches, making it suitable for use with regular pillowcases. This pillow contours to the head and neck, increasing support and reducing discomfort. The Home Classics® memory foam contour pillow has an ergonomic design that keeps the neck and head properly aligned as you sleep. The memory foam is hypoallergenic, so this pillow is ideal for people with allergies and asthma. The pillow measures 15 by 20 inches and comes with a five-year warranty.

Sleep Innovations also manufacturers the Novaform memory contour pillow. The Nutratemp model features stain release technology to keep your pillow looking new. This model is the only memory foam pillow on the market to feature the Nutratemp system, which increases airflow and prevents overheating while you sleep. The Novaform pillow measures 15 by 20 inches.

Selecting a Contour Pillow

There are several factors to consider when buying your first memory foam contour pillow. The first is your sleep position. Some contour pillows are made specifically for side sleepers, so they may not provide much benefit to those who sleep on their backs or stomachs. You also need to consider your specific needs when buying this type of pillow. Some people want memory foam contour pillows to improve their alignment as they sleep. Others are more interested in pain relief.

One of the best ways to avoid making a bad purchase is to read several memory foam contour pillow reviews. Read about the features of each pillow you are considering. Check to see if there are any negative comments about each pillow. If there is only one negative comment in a sea of positive comments, it is likely a good product. If there are several comments about poor quality or missing features, you should avoid that particular pillow and move on to the next memory foam contour pillow review. If you have allergies or asthma, check the reviews to make sure each model is made from hypoallergenic material. Taking the time to research several contour pillow models will help you avoid wasting money on a pillow that does not provide the comfort and support you need.

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