How Memory Foam Contour Pillows Can Help You Sleep

If you have shopped for a pillow recently, you have probably seen the term “memory foam” plastered on pillows, mattress toppers, and other sleep accessories. If you have never heard of this material, it may seem like a marketing gimmick designed to sell you a pillow you don’t really need. However, memory foam actually has significant benefits, especially for people who routinely wake up feeling stiff and sore. If you are not familiar with the properties of memory foam, this guide will help you understand why this material is used to make supportive pillows.

Properties of Memory Foam

Contour Pillow Made of Memory FoamMemory foam has several basic properties that make it ideal for manufacturing contour foam pillow models. The most unique property is its ability to react to the heat of your body. Traditional pillows do not do this, so they do not conform to the shape of your head and neck. This is why you may find yourself waking up to adjust your pillow during the night. Since memory foam reacts to your body heat, it molds to your head and neck.

Another beneficial property of memory foam is its density. Low-density pillows do not provide the support needed to relieve pressure on the neck and spine. They may also lose their shape easily, making them uncomfortable after only a few months of use. Memory foam is a high-density material that provides excellent cushioning and support. This type of foam also regains its original shape very quickly, which prevents pillows from deteriorating with use. You may spend a little more on a contour memory pillow, but the extra cost is worth it when the pillow lasts longer than traditional pillows.

How to Use a Contour Pillow

Using a contour pillow properly is the key to improving comfort as you sleep. The best way to use your pillow depends on which type you purchase. If you purchase a general contour pillow, place it under the head as you would a traditional pillow. The pillow slopes in a way that supports the neck and head without forcing you to sleep at an unnatural angle. If you bought a travel contour pillow as seen on TV, you should use it whenever you travel in a car or on an airplane. These pillows provide neck support so that you do not develop neck pain and discomfort.

Contour body pillows support the entire body, making them ideal for pregnant women and people who need help keeping their bodies aligned during sleep. If you have ever wondered how to sleep on a contour pillow made for the entire body, look at the product packaging of the body pillow you purchase. Most packages have a picture of someone using the pillow, which will give you an idea of how to position yourself for maximum benefit. If you are using a contour leg pillow, put the pillow between your knees to keep the legs in a parallel position.

What You Should Think About When Purchasing a Contour Pillow

The best contour pillow for you may not be the same model that works for your friends. This is why it is very important to consider your specific needs and compare several models before buying this type of pillow. If you have been struggling with neck pain, a cervical pillow or general contour pillow will provide the support you need. If you regularly experience lower back pain, a contour leg pillow may be a better choice. Once you determine which type of support you need, check contour pillow reviews online to see which models offer this type of support. Read reviews from real people rather than relying on product advertisements to give you the information you need. Pillow manufacturers will not reveal the disadvantages of their products, but unbiased reviewers will tell you what is good and bad about each pillow. Reading these reviews can help you avoid purchasing a pillow that does not meet your needs.

Size is another important consideration when buying a memory foam contour pillow. Many of these pillows fit in standard pillowcases, but others are too large or too small for a standard case. If you purchase a small pillow, you can buy a contour pillow case that matches its size. Some manufacturers make king size contour models, so you may want to buy king-sized pillowcases if you buy one of these models.

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  1. I have been struggling with a sore neck and back for a long time, and I have always thought that it probably had to do with my pillow. I just never did anything about it. I would always hear things about memory foam, but I haven’t decided to look into it until now, and it seems great! Who would have thought that a pillow’s density would affect your sleep? Thanks for the information!