Scary Sleep Paralysis Stories: Awake in a Nightmare

Surprisingly, not many people seem to know much about sleep paralysis—the sleep disorder characterized by a conscious experience of immobility while sleeping, often accompanied by terrifying visions of menacing entities. I hadn’t heard of the phenomenon myself until last summer, when I chanced into living with a roommate, who had recurring episodes of sleep paralysis.

My 24-year-old roommate, a bit superstitious, was convinced that these nightmarish episodes were instances of paranormal activity; that, in fact, there may very well be a demon trying to possess or kill him.

Tales of what we now call sleep paralysis have been told in cultures around the world for hundreds of years. These cultures often offered spiritual or paranormal explanations for the phenomenon, although sleep researchers, psychologists, and doctors now recognize it as a natural and harmless occurrence. Still, it’s incredible how similar sleep paralysis experiences are from person to person, and how unbelievably scary they are!

Here’s a look at some of the oldest and most well-known (seemingly) paranormal sleep paralysis stories.

Our First of the Scary Sleep Paralysis Stories: The Old Hag

The story of the Old Hag is so prominent that sleep paralysis was sometimes even referred to as Old Hag Syndrome. Although it is believed that the Old Hag originated in Newfoundland, ancient stories from many western countries confirm perceived experiences with the Old Hag.

In Old Hag sleep paralysis stories, “victims” first sense an unknown presence of evil. The presence then manifests itself as a witch that sits on the sufferer’s chest, leaving him or her immobile and helpless. The weight on the chest affects the ability to breathe, and the victim strains against the witch to no avail. Suddenly, the victim wakes up and the witch is gone…only to return the next night.
Original Scary Sleep Paralysis Stories: The Old Hag

Sleep Paralysis and Demons

In many cultures (possibly dating back to Mesopotamia in 2400 BC!), the elusive sleep paralysis entities have been described as demons. The sleep paralysis demon was sometimes a succubus and other times an incubus, depending on the gender of the person sleeping. According to legend, a succubus is a female demon that mates with a human male while he is sleeping. She may strangle him or otherwise drain him of life (or rather, attempt to).

The succubus is often associated with Lilith, the legendary first wife of Adam who was kicked out of Eden for refusing to lie under Adam during sex. A sleep paralysis incubus is a male version of the succubus that attacks and haunts women while they sleep. Scholars believe that these stories originated in ancient cultures as a way to explain pregnancy outside of marriage.

Over the years, many different names and descriptions have been given to similar sleep paralysis demons. In nearly all cases, the sufferers witness a menacing force attempting to possess or hurt them. The demon either sits on them or otherwise causes an unbearable pressure on the sufferer’s chest. In a sleep paralysis demon attack, the victim is completely paralyzed and unable to even yell for help.

sleep paralysis succubus

Sleep Paralysis Ghosts and Shadow People

Often, the sufferers of sleep paralysis are unable to fully identify the evil being or presence of evil that accompanies their immobility and panic. In many cases of sleep paralysis, the episode starts with a shadowy figure in the corner that slowly advances on the paralyzed person.

These sleep paralysis shadow people are sometimes described as ghosts. In these instances, the victims feel pressure on their chest before the shadowy figure ever reaches them, or else the sleep paralysis ghost lies a heavy and menacing hand on the victim’s chest.

Sometimes, the unknown figure reappears several nights in a row and eventually transforms into a demon or hag. Other times, the shadowy figures accompany instances of demon attacks or an old hag episode.

Sleep Paralysis Ghosts and Shadow People

Sleep Paralysis and Alien Abduction

In the United States and North America, it is common to hear stories of sleep paralysis alien abduction. Not surprisingly, these stories didn’t start surfacing until aliens and UFO’s became a popular mania. The alien abduction story is similar to those involving ghosts or demons. Victims “wake up” and find themselves paralyzed, unable to move or speak. They may see flashing lights and hear buzzing sounds.

The victim then senses a menacing presence, a weight on their chest, and often a heaviness in their head. The presence manifests itself as an alien, which slowly approaches the victim, whose terror increases as they remain glued to their bed. At this point, sleep paralysis victims often wake up. Other times, they report feelings of levitation, and that instruments and tools are used to examine them.

Most psychologists attribute their patients’ alien abduction and attack stories to episodes of sleep paralysis combined with a very active imagination. However, many patients won’t accept this theory and are angered that no one will believe them.

Sleep Paralysis and Alien Abduction

Sleep Paralysis Spiritual Experiences

Although it’s extremely rare to hear of a sleep paralysis story that involves an amiable entity (in fact, I’m not sure there has ever been such a story), some people actually induce sleep paralysis for the spiritual or paranormal experience. These people often believe the visions are real, rather than just perceived. They sometimes have had so many occurrences of sleep paralysis that they are able to turn their episodes into “out-of-body” experiences. In many cases, they believe they are connecting with “another world.”

Are You Afraid of Sleep Paralysis?

This author is in the camp of people who believe the scientific evidence supporting the claim that sleep paralysis is a natural phenomenon caused by characteristics of REM sleep and a miscommunication between the brain and the body. However, its undeniable that whatever the cause, sleep paralysis is a terrifying experience.

If you are suffering from sleep paralysis, take comfort in the fact that sleep paralysis is rarely a chronic disorder, and remember that no one has ever reported actual danger upon awaking from an episode of sleep paralysis. Moreover, in the thousands of years that sleep paralysis stories have been recounted, no related deaths have ever been recorded.

Got Your Own Stories? Tell Us About Them in the Comments!

Have any interesting or scary sleep paralysis stories of your own? Let us know what happened by leaving the story in the comments below. If you get it down on paper it might seem less real and therefore a little less scary should it happen again.

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I am a writer, reader, and expert napper. Sometimes, I sleep with the lights on.


  1. Thanks for the article! I have my own scary sleep paralysis story from when I was in high school. Luckily, I rarely get sleep paralysis, but this one time it was really bad.

    I had the same sleep paralysis demon attack dream three nights in a row. First, I “woke up” and felt the terrible sensation of being unable to move my legs or arms, or even turn my head. Then, my bed started shaking. At first I didn’t see what was causing the shaking, but then I caught a glimpse of a small dark figure without a face at the end of my bed. The figure appeared to be shaking the bed, and I remember being sure it was a demon. Then, without warning the figure jumped on top of my chest, and it was suffocating me. The demon got heavier and heavier on my chest until I could barely breathe. Finally, I woke up suddenly, in absolute terror of course.

    After that third night I never had that exact dream again, but I was sooo scared to go to bed for weeks!

  2. . This has happening to me since i was little. The first thing that i can remember was when i woke up because i felt someone near me. I looked at the hallway because i always leave the like on. Iseen a woman figure walking around. I thought it was my mom and so i said mommy. She just stared at me. Then the hevy pressure on my chest got worst.i closed my eyes till it stop. Not to long ago like couple days ago it happen again. But worse. (It be happening like three to four times amonth )I seen it on me. My mom told me to try to say the lords name and i did.i kind of had strength and i tried to push it off (at that time i didn’t see anything.) Then i seen its arms automatically appering and it put my arm down. The arm looked pitch black and skinny. Im sfared its going to happed again. Everybody i know thinks im making it up and im being dramatic but im not. Its the worst thing i ever felt.. even though its been happening since i was little i can never get use to it. I hope yall fing a WORKING cure so i wont have to face rthis terrifying thing. Im only 14 and i still ask to sleep with my mom. Please find a good cure becausei dont want to be in a crazy house.

    • Jasonng on says:

      Hey buddy,

      Listen I dont know if you believe in God, the devil, or demons ect Now you can choose to believe what the world is going to tell you. This is just some form of “sleep paralysis” or whatever they want to call it but it is NOT this.

      You are being attacked by a demon. It sounds like its getting worse and they know you are scared so they will feed off of this. I HIGHLY recommend you find a good Christian church to start attending on sunday or teenage get together nights. You MUST talk to a pastor there and tell them what is going on. I promise they will NOT think you are crazy. I struggled with this my whole life and the ONLY thing that gets rid of it is asking Jesus Christ to come into your heart and save you.

      If you cry out “Jesus Help Me” when this is happening to you, it WILL STOP right away. They run by even the name of Jesus being used.

      I hope this helps you, I know exactly what you are going thru.

      In my prayers,

      • Matthew Proctor says:

        There are no demonic entities involved. I don’t want to hold a religious debate so I’ll leave it at that. Sleep paralysis is a scientific, natural phenomenon. If calling out for Jesus helps some people, that’s great, but it is more often a better strategy to recognize the ailment for what it is: a psychological status between being in a dream and being out of one.

        Thanks for your comment though!

        • so if there are no demonic entiities involved explain how in my experiance it crawls up my body grabs my face and turns my head to the side and whispers ancient aramaic in my ear? please scientifically explain why my dog chases nothing i can see?

          • It is demonic. Demons are the souls of the half human, half angel creatures that roamed the earth before the flood. They can get nasty at times. They hold a grudge against humans and absolutely hate us. People that think it’s scientific have a veil over their eyes and are not in “Christ”.

            2 nights ago I was attacked. This one was different. It came upon me like the Holy Spirit, but suddenly turned violent. Then I remembered that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light and so do these demons. I was pinned down, couldn’t speak. Then it started rubbing the back of one of my legs and it got very creepy. I couldn’t speak, and was never afraid. I knew what it was and I know my authority in Jesus and the Holy Spirit told me just to think of the name Jesus. So I did. At that point, I could speak. So I whispered “Jesus Christ”. Then about 2 seconds later, my 125 lb German Shepherd leaped up and chased something out of the bedroom, down the hallway, ,back up the hallway, then down the stairs, and out the front door. The Lord wanted to show my the power in the name of Jesus. When I spoke his name, and angel ripped the demon off me and escorted him out my home. My dog either heard it, saw it, or both. There is nothing to fear if you are a follower of Christ. These demons cannot hurt our souls so sometimes will try to install fear in us with our human bodies. God allowed this to happen to me to show me the POWER of his Name! We are untouchable.

          • Jared McCubbin says:

            Jon – what half-baked “we’re better than the rest of you, join our club” drivel. I’m not religious or superstitious & sleep paralysis happens to me once every 2 years or so. I find just thinking a good, firm “NO” & trying to wiggle my finger makes the problem go away. No deities or demons needed.

      • to joy : listen to what Jason is telling you, he knows what he is talking about.
        There truly are demons, and they will attack you. I don’t know why but I do know its true. Neither do I know how to explain it all to you. You most certainly need to ask Jesus to come into your heart and be your savior. A lot of people will try to make you think this would mean you would have to become a “religious freak” as some people call them, but you don’t. God loves us just as we are, He only wants us to recognize Him for who He is, and accept Him as that. And that is He is our Father, the creator of all, whom allowed His Son to die on the cross so that we all might be saved because He loves us. So just recognize that fact, accept it, believe it, and love Him for it. Now if this happen s again, the second you feel it there, start saying(even if you cant speak it aloud, say it in your mind) ” I REBUKE YOU SATAN, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST” say it over and over, and keep trying to say it aloud with your voice. Because as Jason said satan and/or his demons will flee at the sound of Jesus name. Don’t listen to Matthew Proctor hes wrong Jesus is with you always, know this, all you gotta do is call on Him and believe, truly, truly believe.

        • Blah Blah Blah, what aload of BULL!! have you honeslty read the total and utter crocksap you are writing to a 14 year old, ” I REBUKE YOU SATAN, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST”, we’re not in a movie or reading one of your fantasy book. I know its hard for you bible bashers to understand where the book ends and the reality starts! GO ASK JEBUS FOR A REALITY CHECK!

          • Believer says:

            It’s true I have had several incidents where I wake up and cannot move and I feel the presence of evil And have had a black shadow hovering over me, I could not talk but once I started saying the our father prayer over and over, little by little I was able to start speaking it then once I was fully able to yell it boom it left.

        • *that moment when you wont do this cause you don’t believe in any lord or Jesus or even go to church*

          no i will not let to lord into my heart plenty of people have gone through sleep paralysis even my mom which she saw no freaky demon, and for that matter it is common for that but still! there is a man that 10% of people have seen in dreams so explain that!

        • nichole says:

          god flooded the earth, panda god wouldn’t do that. nither would satan

        • I get sleep paralysis almost every single night. It is scary but it is preventable. It happens when you are either falling asleep or waking up from your sleep. I wake up and I am paralyzed. I cant talk or move at all. All I can do is breathe. I see things in my room, creatures playing with my blinds or staring at me in the hallway or even loud stomping. I have seen it all. when it happens you know its happening. so simply wiggle your toes/fingers as much as u can until u are able to move the rest of your body and then simply shake yourself awake. there are times when that hasn’t worked for me and in that case I start to breathe suuper heavy and suuper fast. This movement of ur body will also wake you up. if you can move and talk during your sleep paralysis then maybe it isn’t sleep paralysis at all. Maybe it is actually something demonic related. As for sleep paralysis it is completely science related. I always get it when I am sleeping on my back. when I sleep on my back I get it 100% of the time. I know to never fall asleep on my back but I usually always wake up on my back. try not sleeping on your back or try to wiggle ur toes/fingers or breathe heavily. But like I said if you can move and talk during it then it is probably something else and Not sleep paralysis. sleep paralysis is nothing to be afraid of. Good Luck !

    • Rebbeca Cascinelli says:

      Maybe these dreams only affect the stupid. I am of but twelve years of age, and my writing is much more grammatically correct than yours, even though you are two years older than me.
      If you don’t want to make a trip to the loony bin, I suggest you convince others of your intelligence, even if it is not actually present. They will think you are to smart to lock up, like Einstien, Temple Grandin, or scientifically famous Asperger Syndrome sufferers, despite the fact that the former Autism Spectrum Disorder has been omitted from the DSM-5.
      I am an atheist, by the way. This is a scientifically explained phenomenon. Nothing spiritual is involved.
      Joy, you were probably raised by the mother of Dr. Sheldon Copper. You really need to work on your language mechanics. It would not surprise me if you live in the deep south or Texas. Jesus will not help you. He is not real. He is as fictional as this article.
      Jason, you must have been dropped on your head as a baby. That just beat Drama-Mine as the single most IDIODIC thing I have ever heard. I live in Kentucky, which is not known to be an intellectual haven, but you seem beyond redneck dumb. Stop trying to polite pollute the minds of the world’s youth with your irrational and false supernutural folklore that should have died out in the dark ages. It is counterproductive in the universal scheme of things. The quicker we adopt logic and scientific reasoning, the better. You are impeding the process of society. It is illogical to completely dismiss reasoning and science in flavour of superstition. Besides, treatment is available, despite the fact that it is sometimes not effective.

      • Rebbeca Cascinelli says:

        *favor, auto-correct

      • wow, you are not very nice at all. good luck in life.

        • Wow. This is pitiful. I have sleep paralysis since I was a kid and i never am paralyzed. It is your head in a dream like state(rem sleep) and if you believe that calling out jesus’s name will help you than you brain will react to it. I know its a dream so I ignore it and fall back to sleep. And the one ignorant Christian ( like most) saying good luck in life… I’m sorry because that’s really pitiful lol that if probably makes you take comfort that you think that guy will go to hell for eternity. For all you ignorant people on this website f@#k you sorry sacks of sh1ts……….sincerely, Austin Bullard

      • Rebecca though you think you speak well, you really speak of your own demise. You child are on a road straight to hell. And though you think this is all fictional, if you continue your route you will change your mind once your destination is reached. You need to change your way of thinking, but I suppose you will need help in doing so. So I am going to help you. I, as well as many other I know, will be praying for your soul, and for the event in your life that will cause this change. Just do a little favor, and when you do become a believer, come back on this site and allow us to know it has happened. For through God anything is possible, so I know we’ll be hearing from you again someday. God is real and God is good. Our prayers are with you. And Im starting right now with this…satan get behind Rebecca, you have no place in her life, you are not needed there, she is a child of God, although she doesn’t know it yet. I rebuke you satan from her mind, from her heart and from her life, in the name of Jesus Christ. Flee from her, satan in the name of Jesus Christ. (I pray this daily on behalf of Rebeccas soul God) so hear it daily satan. you are rebuked in the name of Jesus Christ.

        • Omfg!!!!!, she is fucking
          12 and yout going to tell her she is going to helllllllll!!!!!!!!!!! I bet you don’t know shit about hell god Jesus or lucipher. Your a horrible fucking person. The only reason Christianity work is that it scares you. Only fucking idiots can make a psychology debate into a fucking guilt trip about anguishing In hell lol. I hope god slaps the fuck out of you bitch your pitiful. And take comfort in the fact that you’ll tame this in a good way because you think I will go to hell.

        • You know there are non Christians here right? i am Atheist and when i was christian when i went to church, prayed, and believed in him nothing got better for me.

          and also, highway to hell i may go, people tell me “The devil is trying to riddle your mind and bring you to his evil ways!” You know what, i don’t care! i may starve, i’ll bring pudding cups and party with Satan all i want

          I probably have a lot of grammatical errors so please do not correct me.

      • It is illogical to dismiss reasoning and science….. However it’s also illogical to dismiss ideas outside of the realm of science (philosophical/metaphysical) such as the belief in god on the basis of science; in other words, there are some things science just can not explain so don’t be so hasty to dismiss philosophical ideas as “folklore.”

        You compliment your own intelligence a lot on your comment, but your comment doesn’t sound academic, it sounds emotional. It sounds like you have a vendetta against religion. Maybe you don’t but you come across that way. Maybe your goal wasn’t to convince anyone of your stance, but if it was, you were incredibly rude… No body is going to listen to you if you come across that way.

        Why isn’t science, logic, and religion compatible in your mind? Honest question… And I know that many do rely on a god-of-the-gaps thinking instead of applying science where science is needed, but don’t do the same and make science your god, science is a tool for the world we can immediately experience, it’s a second order discipline… Some things are or of it’s realm

      • Jonathan says:

        ahem. well said. not well based or well believed but you did say that with a good focus on your beliefs, or lack of them, rather. i hope Jesus saves you at some point in your life, because we cannot live this life without Him. He is willing to forgive you if you turn from your sin, and He will never abandon you, as you are His child, His creation. He loves you more than anyone on this Earth ever will, and if you receive him, He will change you and save you from what is to come. the world is ending, and He is the only way out. seek Jesus today. to Him be the power, the honor, and the glory, amen.

      • Spencer B. says:

        Pretty true but you don’t have to be so cocky and rude … People who are very religious are so for family tradition, following to the Magority around them, and they just most likely need a comfort to the hardness of life and death.

      • I am but 12 years of age too how amazing it is that someone as wonderfully sophisticated as you has time to slander those who wish to believe. Although I believe in thy lord I will respect the choice to be an Atheist but not the choice to hurt others belief and base their IQ off of their author’s voice. As you can see I am very intellectually superior but believe in a higher hope. Scientific reasoning gives us many answers but it cannot fully answer our humanity and belief in the choice of a higher power.So if you wish you might change your choice to slander those who need hope and although it sounds pathetic it brings us through the darkest time. Our earth isn’t going back into the dark ages but will make one of the brightest ages.

    • It an attack fromhell all U hav to do his live holy draw close to Jesus in prayers and fasting, and when ever u want to sleep U pray first, if U being attack call name of Jesus

  3. I’ve had sleep paralysis quite a few times. Not wanting to either I’ve had out of body experiences where I could see myself laying there. Very scary. Anyways tonight has been the worst and unimaginably scary to me. I never concidered medicine untill this very night. Its never been this bad untill I moved in this house either. I’ve also already encountered other experiences of this house being haunted. So tonight I was laying here asleep next to my 2 year old daughter and my mother. Thank god she’s here because she experiences sleep paralysis as well. So I was laying here asleep sudenly I woke up I couldn’t move as usually I screamed for my mom but as usual no words actually came out. I could see my room and everyone that was supposed to be in here but my eyes were closed. I came out of it a couple minutes later waking up fully. Then finally being able to go back to sleep. It kept happening about 7 times tonight everytime getting even worse then the one before. But the 7th time was the scariest thing id ever experienced in my life. I woke up immobilised and speachless of course I tried moving my arm. To reach my mother. It was a fail. Then I also tried kicking her legs to get her to wake up so she could bring me out of it. But I only thought I was moving. Then all of a sudden I feel something at the bottom of my side of the bed pulling at my legs trying to pull me off the bed. I tried everything in my power to keep myself on the bed. It remided me of paranormal activity that movie terrified me. It was so real and terrifying that when I finally came out of that state I did some research. Scientist say that you can hallucinate and religious people say its demons I am not sure what to believe because to think about it you’d have to be on some acid to hallucinate some scary stuff like that but then again it makes sence in a way. So after this experience tonight I am going to the doctor tomorrow to get medication I absolutly cannot handle that again.

    • I’d like to bring to people’s attention that do watch these scary movies, that you log that information in your brain while you sleep. Your night time experience is decided upon your daytime experiences and what you expose yourself to. As soon as I stopped watching ridiculous movies like the one you mentioned, them my sleep paralysis became only stillness, nothing scary. I have sleep paralysis so much I know when it’s happening and how to identify it. I just tell myself “This is not real, this is a dream, I need to wake up. WAKE UP!” and every single time I wake up. If your sleep paralysis has scary demons, then stop believing in them, stop watching movies with them in it, you are only fueling the fire. If you let yourself believe that no such thing really exists then it cannot enter your mind.

      Now, onto the cause. Like another commenter said previously, it is normal and has been scientifically studied and proven condition. The main cause of this happening is extreme stress, grief, and lack of sleep. So get to bed on time and get your rest. If you are going to bed at the last minute when you are just wiped out and extremely exhausted, then it’s more likely to occur. Drink some sleepy time tea and hit the sack early when you can.

    • You can either believe a group of many scientist who research and understand how we work, or a bunch of people blinded by faith behind a preacher who probably makes bank reading a book 4000 year old literature…idk why this is even a debate….

  4. Deep Dreamer says:

    I’ve experienced vivid sleep paralysis (SP) nightmares since childhood. My most recent episode involved me sleeping on my tummy when I suddenly realized my body was stiff as a board. I was also aware of a small dark presence at the foot of my bed. Slowly the shadowy threat approached me then quickly raced to the left side of my face. I told myself to remain calm. Since I could only move my eyes I looked closely at the figure. It was a black fuzzy puppet. It tickled my cheek & I giggled (I believe it laughed, too). I think because I convinced myself to be brave the threatening “vision” transformed into something less horrific. From my on-stomach position I could look back to see the entire back of my body. In a “waking state” I would not be able to do this. A rectangular “scanner” the size of a dust pan magically appeared & begin scanning the back of my body from my feet to my head. It seemed to be searching & removing something. The vacuum like pressure was similar to a tranquil massage & I could see a white light slowly pulsing as it examined me. Most of my SP episodes are terrifying. I often have complete body paralysis, see a shadowy monster & sometimes feel intense physical pressure in my ribs, breasts or a knee caps. The pain is so excruciating I want to cry & I occasionally hurt for a few seconds after I awake. Sometimes the spook speaks to me. The message is often garbled or in a strange language. Other times I can hear people talking, but I can’t see them. The “fuzzy puppet phantom” was the 1st SP I had that was initially frightening then soothing. Before slipping into SP I usually hear low flying aircrafts, buzzing or beeping. On rare occasion my bed or body vibrates or I feel a sharp popping head pain.

    TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR SP: What I’ve discovered during these SP encounters is I can always detect the room is not my real room . Try focusing on certain things in the “dream room”. There will always be some tiny detail that is different in the sleep scene compared to reality. The door knob will look different; the carpet has changed; the window is smaller or larger or on another wall…something will be off. Once you become more lucid (aware) in your SP state you can begin to calm yourself & take control of the dream terror. Tell the creepy spector you know it is just a projection of your inner fear/anxiety. Let it know you are not afraid & that you are aware it will not harm/kill you. Also humming any tune will create a peaceful vibration that will eventually break the spell of the SP.

    I believe SP nightmares are manifestations of constant worry/distress & extreme fatigue. The mind & body try to relax & rejuvenate during sleep. While you are still focused on “waking issues” the mind & body disconnect as you move from one sleep stage to the next. These hallucinogenic disconnects can occur during hypnagogic sleep (hallucinations while falling asleep). You may hear loud bangs, buzzing, humming, beeping, ringing, whoosing sounds, a voice calling your name or feel you are flying or falling. The banging sound that resembles a loud gun shot, glass breaking or a metal object crashing against concrete is known as exploding head syndrome. The term sounds horrible & deadly, but is harmless. The sensation in which you “catch” your body mid-fall to prevent hitting the floor is a natural physical response: myoclonic jerk or hypnic jerk. Or you may experience other types of audio/visual hallucinations during hypnapompic sleep (illusions while waking from a dream). Hypnopompic audio delusions may include hearing screams, grunts, growls, groans, laughter, footsteps or voices (sometimes in a undecipherable language). These predormital & post dormital symptoms are part of many dream states & characteristic of SP…just a nightmare.

  5. I had SP (or some would say “demon encounter”) ever since i was at least starting from the age of 5, from that time I really don’t know much or understand it, Well my story start from the age of 12 when my family move into a three bedroom not so nice looking house plus the rent was cheap. When we first move there, there was something strange about the house and my Mom and dad was cleaning the 3rd bed room which i notice a strange color on the wall, “RED”.
    It was some what like dried blood I question it and my parent was like they don’t know what is was so they painted over the discoloration. Well that room became me and my brother and sisters room, strange things happen in that room, i can recall the time when a roll of yarn was spinning for no apparent reason, of course my parents don’t believe in the super natural world and they don’t want their children to be scared so they told us it’s probably stuck to something that’s why it’s spinning like that, I did speculate my dad walking around it moving his hand around the object and even pick it up and made a face that he try to hide afterward, it was an amaze face, like wtf face, so we brush it off our mind, so here’s the good part, it’s was a saturday morning back in the early 90’s no school so like always it’s was cartoon day for me (spiderman) i was in the living room laying on the couch and was thinking bout my hugging pillow (“yes i had a hugging pillow my mom made it for me”) so i had to go to the room and get the hugging pillow, i hate that room so much, so as i was grabbing my hugging pillow it was stuck to something on the side of the bed, it was like a tug of war, something was pulling back on it so it got loose and there was nothing there so curiosity got the better of me and i place it back in the side of the bed and it did it again this time i was scared and pull it real hard and there was a close safety pin hanging from it to my understanding you would have to hook the safety pin to its lack, how was that possible if i was the only one there pulling on one end but yeah i ran to the living room real quick and think no more of what had happen.

    So that night as i was preparing to go to bed heard a thump on the side of my bed and I ignore it cause i was kinda scared as i was dozing off i felt a pressure like how everyone describe on my chest and i can’t move my body the light was on i notice and then out the corner of my eyes i saw it, it was a dark shadowy arm reaching out of the side of my bed and grabbing my wrist i was in immense terror, i wasn’t able to move i was screaming for help which no heard me, then my voice finally came out and my dad rush in and my brother and sister jump out their bed, my dad ask what happen and i told him the only thing i can explain “Ghost!!!!!” he was like there’s no such thing as ghost and told me that i’m a boy i shouldn’t be scared of anything, yeah rite. it was a bad experience for me, traumatized me till the age of 24, i still get those SP episode which now lessen up as i get old maybe because i’m older and not really that afraid of what ever those shadow figure are. it’s just strange to me that everyone that encounter those episode or experience the like of it see or experience the same things. I feel a bit relief. There maybe scientific explanation for SP which some think it’s just deep sleep or REM i do and don’t agree due to my experience, but hey everyone have there opinion….

    my word of advice, they can’t hurt or harm you as long as you’re not sacred of them, it, what ever, ect. sometime i think it’s because the conscious mind can not relax and the body is so tire that something in our neurological path is block…..

  6. one time i was sleeping in a room with my aunt and sister , i woke up and i felt some one grabbing my by my feet, holding me down into place , i felt it aqinst my arms and felt it heavy on my chest, i tried yellin out but i couldnt , then i could see myself , i could see myself and my aunt and my sister they both lay beneith where i was, then i finally wole up N i was scared as shit

  7. I’ve always had strange dreams but it makes sense after reading all this. I’ve had dreams of performing exorcisms on my house and trying to scream the lines from the bible but lost my voice in my dream. I’ve also numerously dreamt about a dark figure standing at my door and couldn’t do anything but watch. I’ve also woken from these strange dreams confused if they were real or not. Once I was awake, I would scream and search for what was terrifying me.

  8. twice.. it happened to me. when I was 12-13? and later in life around 34/ 35 not sure.

    at 13 I came home from a weekend runaway hanging, up all night. drinking smoking, partying.

    my room was in the basement of my mothers 3 bedroom home.. It was dark in my room. and open. just a dresser. washer. dryer. water tank. furnest. a 19 inc black and white tv and my twin sized bed.. big open space in between everthing els.

    I was watching ( I love lucy ) and a comercal came on. I was laying on my stomic and I dozed off. like for a second I closed my eyes. and the next second.. I opened my eyes.. I love lucy was back on.. im watching tv.. in fear.. the pressure. the pain. the fact that my head was being forced into my pillow. and I could not push up off my bed. I could move my legs. kicking, struggling to move. I put up I fight..

    it seemed like 5 minutes. I really don’t know how long. it seemed like forever…

    the moment it let up off me. I jumped to my knees and reached right above my head where the string to the light was.. I pulled it to illumennate the room. on one..

    I thought some one was in the room with me… my brothers?. a would be killer who backed out of the kill at the last minute .. or my friend playing a crule joke..

    no one…. their where no foot falls. no one running up the stairs. no one trying to hide in plane site.. no one…

    I lived with that till I was older… ever thought it wouldint be the last time..

    at the age of 34\35 again. this time different..

    my wife at the time. was gone for the day my son was out hanging. cats in the front room, my bedroom door closed. and for a while I thought it might of been teff my male cat that jumped off the window pane onto the bed. and jolted me up. laying on my stmoic as I sleep. I felt, on ether side of my ankles two slaps, at the same time. with force.. I jumped up. looked around to thow a pillow at teff. he wasint there. I looked at the door. it was closed and I got out the bed.

    walking to the door and opening the door looking to see who was home.. no one.. our three cats sleep on the couch. floor. and my recliner. and no one in site. I thought to my self.. its back..

    now I don’t sleep much…

    • Did u see anything when this stuff happened? I’m just curious. I’m 12 years old and I had a dream where a shadow was in the corner and then grabbed me. My granny said she has had dreams of this stuff too

  9. Aryn O'Dell says:

    I recently had an episode of sleep paralysis. It was terrifying. There was this cat at the side of my bed that wasn’t really that scary, but what was scary was that Slenderman was on the other side of the room, stretching towards me until we were face to face. I couldn’t scream, couldn’t talk to try to reason with him, and the only thing I could move was my eyes. It went on for about a minute, but it felt like so much longer. finallly I kicked one of mt legs and he disappeared. It was also thundering outside, which didn’t do much to help my situation. I know that it wasn’t real, but that doesn’t take away my fear. I try to reason with myself, but I still feel the paranoia. That was my first episode, and hopefully my last. Wish me good luck.

  10. No need says:

    I got sleep paralysis only one time in my life and that was during occult activity . I was reading a cult book by Crowley fell asleep and woke up with a demon hovering over my body , I couldn’t scream or move and my bed was shaking . Then when as I was screaming it let me go and my voice returned in the middle of my yell. I got up slowly as if i was freeing myslef from invisible bondage . The lights were all on and my computer screen had a symbol of a spell on the screen. I never ever ever slept right after that and always felt followed and watched, until I gave my life to God I felt safe. I believe some cases some people have sleep problems but if you have Demon aparitions or melevonant Spirits there’s more to it than just watching a scary movie then your seeing it. Demons are like children who feed off fear, they can start with very bad odors that move through the room, one minute you smell something nasty next you can’t find where it came from. Wiggling or banging of objects. A lot of the time people dismiss these things as nothing but are signs of something more trying to get attention. 3am is the usually a time entities are most active but if there is a powerful one or location/gate time is not a factor only activity. May God Bless and protect anyone who is getting attacked ! PS someone posted people dream what they have done during the day or the last thing they watch which is not true at all during my pornography days I never once had a wet dream hahaha

    • No need says:

      also to add on malevolent entities, they like to appear in glances, side views, shadows so they can make you second guess. Which explains why people see them more between a state of hypnagogia , they love to keep people stubborn and stupid. Hence the saying The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did’t exist . To me the worst lie is there isn’t help but there is !!

  11. Morgan Hood says:

    Well, I don’t think that people should think that these “creatures” are demons, more than just a figure created by your subconscious. I am 16 years old and have never had a Sleep Paralysis until this morning. I was on the bus heading to school, and I was asleep (you know how it is). I remember becoming aware that I was on the bus and tried to sit straight in the seat, but I couldn’t move. I believe that there was a dull feeling in my body, kind of dead weight. I also noticed a human’s hand on my shoulder. It was not a demon’s hand, or any creature. Actually, it was exactly like a human arm that had its hand resting on my shoulder. Then I woke up, and went to school. I seriously doubt that it was some “demon” trying to attack me or something, as I didn’t feel afraid, more than just confused. Anyways, don’t be afraid, and don’t think that these are terrible monsters out to get you. Good Luck! 😀

    • Morgan Hood says:

      I should also note that the reason why I saw anything at all while under the Sleep Paralysis would most likely be because of anything that I was exposed to. For example, the previous night, my parents had given me a hug right before I went to sleep, with their hands being placed on my shoulders during it. This is probably why I saw a hand on my shoulder shortly after waking up.

  12. Ok I’m 13 and I’ve had billons of them wanna know two of em.I was maybe 5 and I was sleeping and it happened I feel off the bed without any strength to move a hand comes out from under my bed and pulls me in.I wake up in my bed like WTF just happened.Another one was I was laying there with my dog and he had it to no joke a black figure comes out and strokes my hair and says this one well be nice I can see my dog wanna bark but can’t as soon as we wake up im sitting their like dafuq and my dog is shaking to death that is 2 of the lesser ones I’ve had way worse but they are hard to talk about.

  13. I had a very strange experience 2 nights ago, i had difficulty sleeping, finally i began to fall asleep, beside me boyfriend and our cat between us.. i tossed and turned quite awhile and then i drifted off, later probably around 4 or 5 am i was half awake half asleep , i had fell asleep on my back, i open my eyes and im frozen unable to move, directly above me an entity had emerged from the wall behind my pillow. its eyes facing my chin and its chin above my eyes. It had a white mask of sorts, an Asian appearance. and empty black eyes, almost as though there werent eyes at all, i couldnt move i couldnt breathe or blink, it unaturally turned its head to the left, facing the wall inbetween my and my mothers room then very slowly turned back to face me. it then dissipated. My mother complained about me coming into her room late at night, i hadnt.. her door kno turned and opened and closed 2 different occasions around the same time in the morning, whatever it was it felt threatening, Its image haunted me the entire day and last night when i tried to sleep.

  14. I’m 19 I’ve experience sleep paralysis a few times at first they started out normal I woke up and couldn’t move or talk I tried yelling but no one could hear me in all my experience I’ve never seen nothing paranormal but just recently they started getting worse I’m sleep and I wake up can’t move or talk but I start spinning really really fast it’s so scary I start floating in the air spinning rapidly has anyone experienced this???

    • This is called out of body, you have allowed this to go on far to long and an evil spirit is on its way to try to posses you. When a person’s spirit leaves their own body it allows another one to enter.

      However it is true that there are some cases that can be scientifically explained but not all cases can be scientifically explained. As one person above said that its science. We must remember that there is no such thing as perfect science. Those who believe this are only fooling themselves, for science is only made of flesh after all we only use 10% of our brain There are 22 amino acids, 10 of which are considered essential yet there are far more in our bodies, and we as human have not been able to unlock them due to our massive brain which we only us so little. The devil exists just as your heart, brain and amino acids exist.

      I believe that you should seek spiritual help as soon as possible, preferably a Catholic Priest. In the mean time pray for Gods protection. Ask Him to allow His holy angels to guide and protect you.

      Here is the St. Michael prayer below;

      Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle; be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God command him, we humbly pray. And do thou, O prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

      If anyone disagrees with this, they need to seek God as well. Lest they lose their own soul. This is not about them it’s about you.

  15. James Fitch says:

    I’m 18 and so far I’ve experienced sleep paralysis three times, with the second time being the scariest. I remember waking and not being able to move, but being able to see the hallway from my bed. I then saw my brother walk by my doorway without looking at me, then a few seconds later, what I thought was my brother walked backwards in front of my bedroom door where it just stood there and stared at me. It wasn’t my brother, and it appeared to be some type of estranged witch type looking woman with a bloody cut up face. She then smiled at me, and as soon as she smiled I started hearing a loud screeching noise. This lasted for about a minute before I woke. Even the thought of what I saw still gives me the chills

  16. I once had a bad roused of sleep paralysis. It was a windy night, and I had you’ve getting to sleep. I had obviously fallen asleep and I woke up, except I was unable to move. At fist I thought maybe I had slept funny, and I was numb. But I started to feel as though the air I was breathing was thick and sticky. And it was hard to draw it in. There was something standing at the end of my bed. I don’t know what it was, it was to hard to interperate. But just as I began to panic slightly, I heard this deathly scream as if a woman had just been stabbed. I thought it was this thing at the foot of my bed. However I then seemed to snap out if this trance. I woke up fully and shot out of bed to turn my light on. And I heard the scream again, and it turned out to me my mother. I went to her, she was crying and shaking, and said she had the same symptoms as I was just experiencing. I’ve never had that before, nor after, that I can recollect. The fact that both of us had the same flagitious experience at the exact same time, it’s terrifying. Luckily it’s never happened again, however I do now sleep with a pillow on my head everynight, it seems to help, and comforts me.

  17. Hello,
    I am 21 now, let me start by saying I would sleep with my great grandma (don’t get me wrong I had my own room I would sleep in sometimes). I don’t remember ever being terrified of the dark until I had this beautiful cast iron canopy bed (no canopy) I was about nine I suddenly woke up unable to make a sound. I could move. I could feel my heart pounding thru the whole bed into my fingers and toes even my ears. I was not scared until my bed started shaking. I saw nothing. No weight on my chest. I instantly hopped up and ran across the hall to my grandmothers room. The next time I remember I was about 12 or 13 I accidentally fell asleep on the couch (where my great grandpa would always sleep and he’s never had an experience) I wake up in complete terror for no reason. I tried to lift my head, I managed to turn it to see the tv and the hallway there was nothing in the room. I tried to pick up my arms to get up but it felt like I was in super slow motion or that my arms “came out of my body” but my limbs didn’t actually move very far. I tried to scream but a hushed sort of whisper yell came out (like when people on movies are like “RAAaaaaa….. And the crowd goes wild”) I was looking up at the ceiling feeling helpless against something I didn’t see. Again nothing on my chest, no weight. I see this dim red light about the size of my palm out side of my window just slowly go by and it bobbed past the window like this ͡ -_-͡ up then down and back up. I was able to move the second it was gone. I was so terrified I peed myself. And the most scary time I was about 16 Before then it had only happened when I was alone, and every time since this one instance I have been alone. But I remember waking up next to my great grandma and seeing her face, being scared and just wanting to be able to touch her and I would be “safe”. when I tried to move my feet to just touch her with my toes it felt like something was pushing me back from her, my arms would move but any way but which I wanted them to. I used to try to call out “I rebuke you. leave me in the name of my lord jesus christ” it would only be inside my head, and It wouldn’t stop what was happening. I have had many experiences like this. Just last week I woke up and tried to reach for my boyfriend I was touching his shoulder and I hadn’t opened my eyes yet. when I do I see a white “lit up” face with sunken in black shadows for eyes (on my boyfriends body!!) I pretended not too see it slowly turned over and went back to sleep. YOU KNOW WHEN YOU ARE AWAKE!! everyone knows when their eyes open and they take that first conscious breath when you feel your sheets and can feel your eyes moving and blinking. you know when your awake… its 2 in the morning no sun, no street lights outside my 3rd story window strong enough to make such a bright light. I had to move my bed into another room I told my dad, who I rarely talk to and he called it the “thin” man. I looked this up and got several references to “slender” man. I don’t believe in that crap. I personally am very scared now because I drew him yesterday. I didn’t tell my father that I drew this, but he just so happened to say if you see him he’s coming for you, and if your drawing him a lot and seeing him alot he’s going to take you. Ive only seen this once I had only heard of slender man from that teen stabbing case on tv. never played a game never even talked about it. I know this is off topic im just sharing something that truly terrified me.

  18. any one who wishes to talk further about there experiences feel free to search me up on facebook please dont hesitate. I fixed the link in my name so it should go directly to my page

  19. Shaun Gregoire says:

    I experience this a lot. It is a very scary feeling and I have learned how to control this feeling. I can make myself come out of this just seconds after it comes on. Although most encounters seem like a dark shadow I have also seen good spirits during this. I wish I could communicate but you are so scared you cant communicate with them. I focus on the smallest part of my body which is the easiest to move. I put all my energy into moving my pinky and as soon as that happens its a chain reaction to the rest of my fingers and then up my arm and I snap right out of it. If you are experiencing this I ask you to try that next time it happens it might not work the first time but once your mind is trained it becomes easier everytime.

    • sarah luna says:

      Hi okay so I’ve had sleep.paralysis for quite a while, I lost count of the times but a few times it happens more than once in a night which really sucks. I have never seen anything or experienced anything bc I wake myself up before anything like that can happen. I also can never even open my eyes but I actually always do what you suggested. Move a pinkie, a toe, anything that will make my body snap out of it. However, just a few minutes ago actually my experience was different. I always sleep.w/ a dim lamp on so I can see most of my room. I moved my hand but I was still asleep and I started freaking out bc that has never happened before, I kept moving but it was like in slow motion and I was not waking up. I was touching the wall all I could feel the texture under my hand and i remember thinking that maybe I should touch my face or.something to wake myself up so I did and still nothing so for some reason I started to.try to open my eyelids and as I did I lifted my head and faced it towards the lamp so I was basically facing my head towards the lamp and was trying to open my eyelids and it was all just so weird to me bc I know I was going through sleep paralysis but I was actually moving like what the heck. It sucked and on scared now that like I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t wake myself up anymore. I just wake up when I wake up but I’m terrified of actually experiencing Anything. ):

  20. I have been experiencing sleep paralysis for some time now, I’ve been so terrified that I’m actually afraid to sleep on my back, that’s usually when it happens most of the time so I tend to fall asleep on my sides for the most far in fear of having sleeping paralysis. My house has had many encounters and I haven’t been the only one that has experienced it alone our cupboards have been wide open and they suddenly shut and our water foscets have turned on alone while 2 of my relatives were in the house. My mom has told me that numerous times she has heard me talking on the phone when I wasn’t even home. My most recent sleep paralysis experience was last night 08/03/2014 I dont know if an arguement that I had with my significant other might have triggered the paralysis but I began to drift to sleep at 11:15pm and then I felt the heaviness over my body (mind you I’m sleeping on my side this time) and I couldn’t move, I’m screaming for my mom internally petrafied nothing happens then I start to scream for God and suddenly I wake up. I tried to stay awake for about 20 minutes and prayed and fell back asleep. I was terrified but only to feel completely relieved when I screamed out for God and was released and a sudden happiness came over me feeling that he was there for me and I believe to have only screamed once for him. I remind myself everynight to pray and to lay on my side but I’m not so sure anymore since it happen to me. but one thing is for sure God is there.

  21. I use to have sleep paralysis but now I know how to control them. A lot of people may not believe my story but my family knows it is true and the people from my church knows it is true. My 1st time i ever experienced sleep paralysis, i was only 7 and i was laying on the back seat of my parents car my parents were in the front i could see them but i couldn’t move are speak and i was scared. It seem to me that it lasted about 20 min. and then i was able to move. The only thing that scared me was that i couldn’t move. I didn’t feel like anything was around me but as i got older my SP got worst. At the age of 15 i was laying down in my bed and i felt like i was falling into a deep sleep but was awake and i couldn’t move but there was something there that was touching me sexually. At first i couldn’t move but i keep trying to push it off of me and once i was able to it threw me off my bed I woke up on the floor with a bloody nose. That is something that i will never forget. In my 20’s during SP i was fighting so hard to wake my self up, that i don’t really now how to say this but i was able to see my body in the bed and i was standing on the side of the bed looking down at myself. I had done it so much that i decided to look around my house while my body stayed asleep in my bed. Everything was the same, i even seen my parents sleeping. But on the way back to my room there was a door behind our sofa that wasn’t there before so i opened it and inside the room was a bunch of people just standing there. They all looked dead. I was so scared. I ran back to my room and jumped on my body and was trying to wake myself up. It felt like i was fighting something else that wasn’t let me wake up. It felt like i was being thrown al l across the room. IT felt like it lasted for hours but i finally woke up and i was me i thought. I know a lot of people don’t believe in possession but i know for fake it is real because i have experienced it myself. I was myself i didn’t talk like a demon nothing like that but i started doing things that i had never done. I became mean would never sleep. My family would find me walking around the house in my sleep. I shut everybody i loved out my life. and became someone that nobody wanted to be around. I would get real sick to my stomach everytime i went to church and i always would have to leave. After a while i stopped going. My believe in God was changing. I knew something was wrong with me and i would pray to God to help me but it all stayed the same. i started to hear voices and they would talk about God and say that he is not here and he will never help u and i believed it. MY family started to worry about me and they would try to contact me and i ignored them. I hated everyone and i just wanted to be alone. I disappeared for 8 months i don’t remember anything that happened in those 8 months. My parents searched for me and the cops even searched for me.When i was found i was walking down a street with blood all over my face. Someone called the cops and a state trooper found me.All i remember was waking up in the hospital. I knew who i was but didn’t know what happen to me.The doctor told me that it looked like someone had beat me so severe that i had lost my memory. After leaving the hospital i went back to my parents. My sister in law got me to go to a retreat with Bethany church. My sister in law knew that i had a demon in me and it was planned to help me release it. I had women praying over me in tongues and when they put there hands on me , i felt it. the more i prayed the more it tried to hold on i felt it in my stomach. It took 2 days of constant praying for Jesus to help me and he did. I felt this thing come out my mouth and i felt the most evil present i have ever felt i could not see it but everyone there felt it and it was pissed off but it left. I know for fact that jesus and my sister in law saved my life. I still sometimes have SP but i feel it and i wake myself up before it happens. I know that demons are real and i know that the demon that was in me is still out there waiting for me but i believe that as long as i have Jesus in my heart it can not get me. This is a true story. I may not ever remember what happen to me for those 8 months but i will never forget what happen to me the night that demon got in me.Never ever leave your body during SP because demons are real and they are there waiting.

    • people really need to read my story because the demons u see during sleep paralysis are real.

      • I honestly believe you leelee. ive yelled at my fiancé for touching me sexually while I was half asleep and he swore he wasn’t. My story is not too far up from yours if your confused by this my post explains it I don’t know what I saw on my boyfriends face but it was REAL, it was not him, and it had no eyes, no mouth. ive been grabbed going down stairs I was almost pushed down the stairs today at work. I try to act like nothing is going on or that im not scared but really I am terrified to sleep most days, I work alone. I see people, even quick glimpses of shadows in the corner of my eye, I clean elderly peoples homes. when you feel like your being followed or watched, that’s your body telling you something is wrong isn’t it? Am I just scaring myself or am I being harassed by something I cannot fathom. Can anyone help me figure this out?

    • John Constantine says:

      The demon that was in u has broken the barrier inside u spiritually . Once someone’s spiritual barrier has been broken, demons will have a gateway into your body.Once this happens they will take your soul when you die if you don’t seek spiritual help and this is also away demons get to possess you. I have personally witnessed a friend getting possessed. You can tell that someone is possessed if they either speak in a demonic voice or their eyes are red and blue.

  22. This has happened to me since I was a little girl. Now I’m a 37 year old mother. Still comes to me BUT now I just close my eyes ( don’t open your eyes) when I feel it coming. AND I never sleep on my back. Only time I sleep on my back is when I see day breaking, around 5 am. I have been punched, kicked and bitten. The times I DID SEE THIS THING, was a black shadow, jester like and I see a knife coming at me. I was only 9 years when it started. I remeber running to my parents room at night but being kicked for being a bad girl. My kids have finally came forward as well and say it also happens to them. I feel so bad because they kept it a secret from me thinking they were going crazy. One pulled my sons leg that was hanging from the bed. I also noticed that they will attack you if they see your skin exposed. Like arm or leg that is not covered. SO please if this happens to you, REMebEBER: DON’T SLEEP ON YOUR BACK OR EXPOSE ANY SKIN, LIKE LEGS OR ARMS, KEEP THEM COVERED AND DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES. When you do, you give them the power. I also tell them to uck off!

  23. Lauren Nicole says:

    ame is Lauren I just turned 18 three days ago. I’ve experienced sleep paralysis since I was 14, it happened to me for a week straight I was laying on my back sleeping when I suddenly felt a shadowy figure appear above me, and then I began to feel pressure on my chest, I tried to yell for help or wake up because I knew I was just dreaming but no sound would come out, I felt myself struggle to wake myself up or open my eyes and then moments later I’d have my eyes open just laying there puzzled and terrified. I wouldn’t talk about it for a long time, I thought no one would believe me. When I finally told my mom of course she brought up a religious superstition…. this has to be the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced. This still happens to me from time to time but I’ve gotten used to it and now that I learned other people have this happen to them too I don’t feel so much like a freak.

  24. of course people get angry when psychologists tell them that they are just imagining these things that they see during sleep paralysis. wouldn’t you be angry too if someone told you you just thought the whole thing up? it’s very real and if you have experienced sleep paralysis and seeing demons an dark, evil looking shadows like I have it’s not something you imagine or pretend is there. you see it as plainly as you see anything else in your surroundings. who cares if science can explain it or not. people have been seeing these things for centuries, in all different parts of the world. they have different names for it in different cultures. it’s real.

  25. My name is Asante’, i’m 14 …. I don’t really know if this is sleep paralysis but I was just lying down extremely tired and a horrible headache. I went to sleep and tried to wake up but I couldn’t .. I didn’t see anything but I felt like something was holding my mouth. I couldn’t talk or move at all. but I told myself to calm down also I closed my eyes and I suddenly woke up.. Moreover I felt really light… That never happened to me before.

  26. Kirigaya Kazuto says:

    To: Satan

  27. Kirigaya Kazuto says:

    The bastard I was refering to at the end was Rebbeca Casnelli

  28. Yuuki Asuna says:

    I did not know a sex demons presence could drain your energy and about the incubus being able to impregnate females is very useful atleast now I know the incubus has a simple weakeness.

  29. I have two questions since Succubi need sperm (semen) to live because its their life force.

  30. Sleep paralysis says:

    My first experience I want to mention is about 2 years ago I had a migraine/bad headache I can’t remember which but I felt horrible. I was forced into sleep paralysis and am 100% sure it was forced on me. I was lying on my side and was asleep but was aware of how my body was positioned. Then I felt myself slowly falling towards my back and “woke” up midway through he fall. When I say woke I mean being aware. I tried to lift myself but couldn’t, I was about to fall asleep but felt something press down on my face mushing it into he pillow and could feel myself gritting my teeth from the pain. I tried to yell out but couldn’t. I also felt tingles all over my body. And the more I tried to push against it the more it pushed me down. I heard the floor board creek and heard yelling in my head but outside of my own thoughts. It yelled, “What!” or “No!” It was a male voice and sounded really angry. And then it finally went away. I had a thought of my brother who passed away and thought it may have been him who helped me. In my journal after the experience I acknowledged that it wasn’t a dream nor was it like my normal sleep paralysis. And after everything happened it was gone like a switch being flipped.

  31. i had my first obe (out of body experience 4 months ago i woke up i felt myself float upward it was the most scaryiest thing i ever experienced .

  32. I’m 19 years old and tonight was the first time I experienced “sleep paralysis” before today I had no idea what this was. i immadietly searched into it since I woke up frightened. Everything I read added up…I was sleeping on my back, I haven’t been sleeping too well, I have anxiety. I woke up but couldn’t move my body. I tried to scream but couldn’t speak. I thought I heard my brother poring himself cereal or so it heard like it, I tried my hardest to try to get up it was like I was fighting for my life. I felt my heart race and then thought I heard him run across my room and up the stairs which I then thought was weird since he wouldn’t run and especially with a bowl of cereal so I started freaking out thinking something bad happened and I finally broke free but felt so tired I could just fall back asleep but I forced myself up and walked to the living room where I knew my brother was a asleep to finding him in the exact same spot I then thought someone else was in the house. That’s when I did some researched and found out I was hallucinating. I dont want to go back to sleep but am so tired. Scariest thing ever.

  33. Sorry, I don’t think it happened because of demons or evil spirits. I’m 14 and this has happened to me about 4 times this year, but my most recent SP attack was the utmost terrifying of them all. My past experience involved no hallucinations. I’d be half asleep, and it would seem like I’ve lost control over my muscles. Because I thought logically, my mind was able to dodge the dark events. Avoiding negative thoughts, I’d just lay there until my body gained conscious; until I was able to move again, kind of how your foot is when it falls asleep. And I didn’t fight the currents, I’d just lay there. Of course, I’d be annoyed, but I only felt a little bit of evil energy. I wasn’t that worried. Whenever this phenomenon occurred, I’d be sleeping on my back as well. Recently, I’ve been watching American Horror Story, which is what influenced the scary SP attack this time. I was laying there, sleeping on my back when I had the SP attack. I thought “Oh THIS again.” My mind jumped to conclusions, and right when I thought about ghosts, I felt a sworm of evil come onto me, my hearing was blurred out, and I heard a HORRIBLE witch-like cackling. It lasted for about 5 seconds, but during those 5 seconds, I struggled the most. I felt a strong force pulling me down. They weren’t like hands holding me down, it was a force. My head was turned to the wall, and because I was unable to moved, I didn’t see any figures. I tried saying “No.” over and over again but no words came out, and I couldn’t move a muscle. Keep in mind that my dog was also sleeping beside me and when I looked down, he was there sleeping peacefully while I struggled trying to snap out of it. After 5 seconds, I was able to say “NO.” out loud, which woke up my dog, I felt safe again, and the laughing stopped. The laughing however, wasn’t coming from anything in my bedroom. It was coming from inside my head. Anxious to know if there WAS a presence still in my room, I sat up and looked around. No one was there.
    I talked over my experience with a friend the next day, and also did some research. Sleep Paralysis is just a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep, characterized by complete muscle atonia. It can also be accompanied by haunting hallucinations when individual is panicking. When you panic, your mind starts projecting things that seem real, but aren’t really there. I’m not trying to offend any religions, but it has been scientifically proven. I also do believe that everything has a logic behind it. Now that we are aware of this problem, we should be able to control this phenomenon so that it can be less terrifying in the future! My friend’s other friend deals with SP quite often and says that its happened so many times, that she’s projected it as kind of like a lucid dream now. She’s able to grasp onto what’s happening and control it. If you find yourself experiencing the Old Hag syndrome, calm down first and try to wiggle your toes. Don’t fight it, just lay there like how I did earlier. if you’re able to grasp onto what’s happening and that its just a hallucination and that evil figure is just your mind playing tricks on you, then I’m positive that it’ll disappear.
    Good luck, I hope this helped!

  34. brittany says:

    I’m having the same problem

  35. brittany says:

    So I’ve been having the same problem for years just had one earlier today so mine usually start while I’m laying on the couch ..while laying on the couch I fall asleep then I feel something holding me down I can’t talk move are open my eyes I can hear myself screaming in my brain but not out loud and its like my brain is all over the place I never see anything but it just feels like the life is being sucked out of me and the only time the thing leaves is when I scream for Jesus I’m so scared

  36. I am only 12 years old and I had a dream where I woke up and there was a shadowy figure in a corner and it just ran over to me then I woke up in real life. The next day I talked to my granny about it and she said that she had a dream like mine and she couldn’t feel like she could breath like a demon was strangling her and she felt like she was going to hell. We were both in the same house when we had that dream and the nights were not very far apart. Maybe a week apart but I haven’t had a dream like that since then. I’m still scared though…

  37. so I had a dream That my papaw and my other granny was in the living room mad he fell and died than my granny had a heart attack and I woke up crying

    • Joe Connelly says:

      Sierra I experience sleep paralysis after uses of MDMA. IT relates to your serotonin levels dropping

  38. So I have crazy dreams but do I have sleep paralysis

  39. I experienced sleep paralysis for the first time last night. I remember opening my eyes and it was pitch black. I could not move a single muscle in my body. The only feeling I had was a strong current running through my upper body. I could also feel a presence to the right of me and on top of me, although I couldn’t look to see what it actually was. I believe it was some kind of spirit/demon and that it was pressing on my chest which gave me the ‘strong current’ feeling. It lasted about 10-15 seconds and when it was over, I stayed awake and my body went back to normal. I couldn’t get back to sleep properly after this as I was so scared.

  40. My name is Sydney , when I was sleeping this morning , I felt like I was half awake , I could hear everything in my vicinity but I was just closing my eyes. Then out of nowhere it hits me , I could bearly breath , I couldn’t move my arms , my legs , my head , I couldn’t shout or say a word , and the more I tried to call out for help the more the suffocation got harder and harder . I kept on closing my eyes so I couldn’t see if there was something that was on top of me . Fortunately I managed to gain an ability to hyperventilate , as I was breathing out of my lungs my young brother heard me and he quickly ran to my bed and he removed the blanket on top of me and woke me up … As soon as he touched me and shouted my name , I retained all of my energy and I could breath normally and move my body . Soon after that I just woke up and prayed . I hate the experience and it’s so terrifying

  41. my name is archie I live in London last night I was watching funny vids on the ipad then I went to sleep and I randomly woke up and couldn’t move or speak then a blurred person or creature cam up beside my bed but before it even go to my bed my chest was pumping really hard it was like it was going to kill me it even made noises like ghostly like noises I tried my hardest to get up out of bed but I couldn’t I tried calling my brother then I properly woke up and had tears running from my eyes oh and it didn’t sit on my chest but it would’ve if I didn’t get up

  42. It started in my mid 20’s. I would “wake up’ because I’d feel something pulling me off the end of the bed by my feet. When I look I see 1 or 2 “puffs” of black smoke… no faces, no eyes. But they’re able to continue pulling me off the bed. And I can’t move… so scary! Absolutely petrifying actually.
    Tonight it was like I was having nightmares in episodes. It’s like I’m simply walking by some lines of soldiers (my son is a Navy SEAL) and somebody, not one of the soldiers, jumps me. The first “guy” tried to shoot me but I woke up. So I went back to sleep (in real life) and the next guy jumped on my back, cut me across the back of my neck, and he blew in the hole it made and I felt the air come out the front of neck. I woke up. Went back to sleep and all I saw was a sort of skeleton arm in my peripheral vision. he laid atop me but opposite of my head… his feet were at my head. He was doing something to my thigh; like attaching some sort of plastic gadged; I don’t know what. I woke up again. So now I definitely don’t want to go back to sleep!

  43. veronica smith says:

    when i was young say like 6 or 7 I remember waking to a dark figure in my room with red glowing eyes and I remembered what my mother always told me she said if you say the our father and hail mary they will go away and i rolled over rocked and said it and turned around it wasnt there anymore. Also had another encounter with another being at my brothers house on the bottom bunk i was sleeping on and there was what looked like a lady with glasses sitting at the end of the bunk just staring at me. Just recently for the first time I experienced a sleep paralysis, I was on my stomach in bed and I was just dozing off and I felt this tingling like energy running through both of my calves. I could feel it and I could not move no matter how much i tried i could not budge a muscle. I felt my throat going numb as I tried to speak I had a vision and that vision was not of an entity but of me being pulled from the bed and thrown out the window. I mustered everything i had cauuse i hated not being able to move and I shouted finally get the hell off me! It took 2 times of saying that to move and it let go but i tell you Im used to spiritual things and visitations but when i couldnt move it scared the heck outa me

  44. I have not experienced a SP I’m curious do you guys think it possible to induce one?

  45. N.Abreu says:

    I’ve always had “vivid” dreams, but the worst were the nightmares, and these were my earliest childhood memories. As a baby I always felt as if someone/thing was looming over my crib. The feeling of being pinned down by “something(s) or someone(s)”, unable to: move, scream, breath yet being wide awake, came at a later age, 3ish to 9ish, by this age I was in my own room. I would have the sensation of “hands” moving up my legs to my torso and then the “weight” bearing down on my chest. My eyes would fly open and what I saw scared me so much, I would slam them shut and “play possum”. When I felt as if the “smokey elephant on my chest” was about to suffocate me, I would gasp for air, come up into a sitting position, and then I would be immediately SLAMMED back down, like my “soul re-entered my body”. I slept in a “nook” so I had no headboard, more often then not, the back of head (as I was slammed back “into myself”) would hit the wall behind me. I was so scared I would often wet the bed and/or run up the flight of stairs, galloping on my hands and toes because that black mist was behind me trying to grab at my ankles. I was in a complete panic until I got to my parents bedroom, climb in between them, felt safe, and then pee in their bed too. As I got older the episodes continued and once I could finally move, I would always have to pee (it literally scared the piss out of me). I would turn on my lamp RUN to my bedroom door and leap from my doorway across the downstairs hallway to the bathroom. The “hallway” formed about a 5 foot hexagonal shape from the bottom of the stairway, the four rooms and the bathroom (I always felt as if that shape at the bottom of the stairway was a “vortex” of some kind, even though I didn’t know what a “vortex” was until I was older). I’m almost 40 and my “sleep paralysis” still happens but not as often. It’s still terrifying. I’ve actually called 911 because there were “people” outside my bedroom window screaming and yelling, my husband mumbled “What are you doing calling 911? No one is out there”. I’ve “talked to” what I thought was my husband standing in our bedroom doorway (he’s tall and sort of lanky) and he wakes up right next to me asking “What? Who were you talking to?”. I was shocked and embarrassed and it certainly wasn’t him in the doorway, so I told him “Sorry I was just talking in my sleep” but that’s a lie I was talking to that “thing” that’s always been around. I’m not religious, I’m not an atheist, agnostic would be the closest thing to any belief I have. I did notice that after my grandparents passed and I would wake up with “it/them” around I would ask my grandparents for protection and the “cold”, “yucky”, “scary things” would be gone and I’d go right back to sleep.

  46. N.Abreu says:

    Interesting, I didn’t read any of your stories until after I posted my comment. The similarities are undeniable.

  47. I have seen the shadow man and he is the devil, you are not crazy…And the more we say we do not fear is the better. tell him you are aware of him and tell him you love him and he will go away. They have visited me since I was 6 and I am now 38 and they still watch, but from a distance. And when I start telling people about them they get angry. There voice is a voice I have never heard before its like 1billion people saying the same thing at the same time in one voice. But every time it has happened I can move and talk its different for me…

  48. Joe Connelly says:

    Holy Shit! I am a student in Indiana and i visited a friend at IU. I found out by research that by taking MDMA (Molly) I have very bad sleep paralysis about 3 days after because the Serotonin decrease in my brain. So last night I begin having sleep paralysis and hearing weird and aggressive men and women crying screaming and just plain old scary! That didn’t bother me. But when i woke up in the AM it was a different story!! So i hear this women moaning sexual right above my head. She then plants her vagina on my face almost to where I couldn’t breath, and she reaches over and starting masturbating me like a damn racehorse. Overall, it was completely fucked and I’m crying writing this. Thank God I was lucky I did not see this crazy bitches face!!

  49. Saskgirl says:

    My SP happens both on my back and sleeping on side, it seems though when they happen when I am on my back I wake up with a sore chest, and when they happen when I am on my side they take longer to get out of. They happen so often I have learned to not make myself panic, but they are still scary as I feel if I fall back asleep I will stop breathing and not wake up. The state feels like a dream, a realm world, but you know you are awake. I usually feel like I am not alone in the room but whatever it is, maybe my own spirit still not at one with my body, it does not feel scary, I usually look at one spot of the area that feels where I am not alone. I don’t think its demons but something spiritually. I was told its your body doing astral travel and your body is startled awake before your spirit completely joins your body, the presence you feel could be your own spirit or those helping you. I have never experienced anything evil from it.

  50. My experience is different from the others that’s why I am confused,

    I’m a college student and my school is far from my hometown that’s why I decided to live in a boarding house few blocks away from my school. I have 3 roommates. I’m not in good terms with one of them, actually her name is Jessa. Even though we had a little misunderstanding we’re trying to be civil with each other. She graduated highschool in a catholic school but it frightened me when I found out that she hates god, the priests and everything that related in the church.

    I always fall sleep around 11 o’clock in the evening and wake up at exactly 3:00 in the morning and fall asleep again at 4. I know that I have a sleeping disorder but I used to it and this is the reason why I always sleep during lunch break because I am so tired.

    Jessa stayed at school every lunch break that’s why it is only me and my 2 other roommates are the one who stayed at the boardinghouse during lunchtime but after the 2 of them finish their lunch they always go back to school because they have class and I am the only one who stayed there the whole afternoon and sleep

    That day after my two roommates left I decided to lock the door, switch off the lights and sleep.

    I was in the middle of sleeping when I heard a loud bang and it awakes me. I found that the noise that I heard came from our door. But suddenly I cant move my entire body, its like something was stopping me from moving and only my eyes can move. In my peripheral view I saw someone entering our room. that person hurriedly went to our cabinet and open it, its like that person was looking for something, I am trying to talk or shout on that person but I can’t. It was so hard and the more I tried the more it drained my energy, so I stop and observe the person, that person walks in front of the mirror where placed just in front of my bed so whoever face it I will see it directly. and when I look into it i found that it was Jessa and she was looking at me through the mirror. I started to feel suffocated and I’m trying to shout and called for help but there is no single sound came out of my mouth. A tear came out from my eyes and found myself crying without sound or any kind of movement from my body… I already don’t have an idea what happened next just few minutes later that I could be able to move my body again and when I roamed my eyes In the room I couldn’t find anyone and when I stand and check the door it was lock and its like nothing happened… I was so weak after that incident. When my room mates came back after their classes I asked Jessa if she went home around 1:00 to 4:00 and she say’s she didn’t because she has a class…

    It was so scary and the feeling that you will never forget

  51. Over the past few years I’ve been experiencing episodes of sleep paralysis. Nothing more than the inability to move, thinking that I’m blinking my eyes, but never opening them or seeing anything at all. The past few months have been very different. I’ve had more episodes of SP in the past few months then ever and they are always the same…unable to move, attempts at blinking/opening my eyes, then waking up. These episodes are always accompanied with a sense of fear and panic…heart pounding and breathing erratic. However, they are now accompanied with the sense that something is there with me. Not like I can see it through my eyes, per say…but as through through my thoughts. I can also feel touching, though not a heavy feeling of something pushing me down…but physically attempting or having physically relations with me. A few times in front and the last time, a few days ago, from the back. I can distinctly feel the motions and the sensations of having sex. In my mind, I can see the presence. It’s a male, his body is smooth, almost a grey, in coloring…sort of glowing, but not shiny. Almost like the moon. No hair on its body, and I don’t really see eyes or specific features. It never speaks and I never hear anything.

    I’m not sure whether this is all in my mind or am I being visited by something. It’s happening more and more often. It never frightens me, but it does alarm me.

  52. I have experienced this a few times. Never saw any figures or shadows though- mine was purely physical (could not breathe/pressure on chest) and auditory. I could hear inaudible whispering and thumps, bangs, and other sounds. But luckily never had anything happen like some of you describe.

  53. So like usual I went to bed and saw nothing but black, could turn and toss, and felt comfortable. What felt like a few minutes later me and my mom were in a all grey cement warehouse with a smooth staircase leaded up to the second floor. There were cement pole with either glass or nothing around them (i’m positive it was glass). I tried to wake myself up but couldn’t move at all. My mom was sobbing and she was say stuff like, oh no, were gonna die, and their after us. I didn’t know what was going on but the rain noises kinda helped sooth me and I started to comfort her. I didn’t like this so everything turned black when I tried to move and wake myself up. But all I did was twitch uncontrollably and sweat. The dream took place were I last left off but this time zombies started pressing up against the glass. I felt like crying but I started surrounding my mom and protecting her. Once again I tried to wake up but my body just twitched. It started raining blood through the ceiling so we went to the second floor and there was a complicated staircase that zombies started coming down. I then finally tried to wake myself up but my body twitched and the dream kept replaying for like 5 minutes then I woke up in a hot and cold sweat with swollen eyelids.

  54. Daniel Storr says:

    I have experienced many episodes of sleep paralysis, sometimes they were mild and on the odd occasion they were terrifying. I have seen all of the stereotypical characters associated with this phenomenon, I’ve seen the bag a d had a shadow man press me into the mattress. The worst instance was horrifying, it felt as if I was pulled from my bed and smashed into walls and furniture and Windows. A few days after the last episode occurred I saw a documentary on sleep paralysis on the discovery channel and it was a revelation. It still happens from time to time but I no longer fight against the sensation of being unable to move. I’m no longer scared when it happens and the incidents are over much more quickly. I never bought into the religious or alien abduction explanations and now that I know it’s just a short circuit that occurs between sleep and being awake I find it kind of interesting when it happens.