Consider this Before You Buy a Serta Contour Pillow

If you have decided to purchase a contour pillow to improve sleep comfort and alleviate pain, you have many options. There are so many brands, styles, and materials that finding the right pillow might seem overwhelming. Serta is one of the most trusted names in mattresses, pillows, and other sleep products, so looking at Serta pillows is a good way to start the shopping process. This guide to buying a Serta contour pillow will help you learn about the features of these pillows, the benefits of owning a Serta contour pillow compared to similar pillows, and any disadvantages of this type of pillow. You’ll also find out which type of pain Serta pillows are best at relieving.

Serta Pillow Models and Features

Serta Memory Foam Contour PillowSerta makes several types of contour pillows: memory foam, latex, and gel memory foam. Memory foam is a dense material that cushions conforms to the shape of the head. Latex foam is very firm, so pillows made from this material do not sag like traditional pillows. Pillows made from latex also last longer than other pillows. Pillows made from gel memory foam contain beads of gel that cradle the head and eliminate pressure. There is also a Serta iComfort contour pillow made for use with the iComfort sleep system.

The Serta memory foam contour pillow is made from 100 percent memory foam and has a polyurethane coating that protects the pillow from harmful bacteria. The contour design of the pillow relieves pressure points and provides valuable support for the head and neck. Memory foam also resists dust mites, so this pillow is ideal for people with allergies and asthma. The latex model is ideal for people who sleep on their backs and sides. The latex foam is hypoallergenic, so it will not aggravate allergy or asthma symptoms. This material cradles the neck and supports the head for a comfortable night of sleep. The Serta latex foam pillow comes with a washable cover made from Egyptian cotton.

The gel memory foam pillow actually has two different layers. This two-later design improves comfort and relieves pressure on the head and neck. The use of gel memory foam helps produce an optimal temperature for sleeping, as the pillow does not get too warm when exposed to the temperature of the body. This Serta model also comes with a washable cover. The iComfort contour pillow contains hundreds of gel beads, which helps the pillow hold its shape while adjusting to any sleep position. This pillow prevents tossing and turning during the night, improving comfort and sleep quality.

Is it Good for Pain Relief?

The type of pain relief provided by a Serta contour pillow depends on which model you buy. The memory foam model is ideal for side sleepers, as it provides adequate neck support. This reduces pain in the trapezius muscle and neck pain caused by a lack of support. The latex model is good for back and side sleepers who need increased support and less pressure on their joints. Gel memory foam conforms to people who sleep in any position, so it can reduce neck and upper back pain caused by too much pressure caused by traditional pillows. Since the iComfort pillow contains gel beads, this model is also ideal for reducing neck and upper back pain.

Benefits and Drawbacks

One of the benefits of owning a Serta contour pillow is that you are buying from a reputable manufacturer. Most contour pillow models by Serta come with a five-year limited warranty, which covers any defects related to faulty materials or workmanship. Other manufacturers do not use CoolAction gel foam, so the gel memory foam pillows made by Serta do a better job of keeping users cool and comfortable throughout the night. The only real disadvantage to buying a Serta contour pillow is that they cost slightly more than contour pillows made by other manufacturers. However, the increased price reflects higher quality and better materials.

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